The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4764

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4764-In the Endlos Void, many powerhouses observed the battle.

James harnessed the supreme powers of Chaos and Verde, combining them using the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra to create a new force.
This made Lothar, who was watching, break into a sweat.
Even though he was the head of the Verdett House and held the top position in the Verde District, he still lacked the confidence to confront this power directly.
However, his uncertainty about facing it head-on did not mean James could challenge him either.
He stepped forward to intervene.
James had not wanted to use this ultimate move, but he had been left with no choice.
Now that Lothar had stepped in, he withdrew the power and vanished from the scene.
At the apex of the rear mountain in the Tempris House, numerous powerhouses gathered.
Waleria, Saachi, and Wynton were looking at James.
James rubbed his nose and asked, “Why are you all staring at me?” Waleria raised her thumb and said, “Impressive! I never thought that a Terra Boundless Rank cultivator could defeat a Quasi Boundless Rank powerhouse.
If Lothar didn’t step in to stop it, Wynona would surely have perished at your hands.” James replied calmly, “I bear no deep grudge against her.
There’s no need to kill her.
It’s just that her obsession runs deep, and I need to earn her respect.” As soon as he finished speaking, he spat out a mouthful of blood.
His face turned pallid, and he appeared quite disheveled.
He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and continued, “ I’m injured.
I need to go and heal.
Once I’ve recovered, I’ll set out for the Aeternus District.” With that, James departed, vanishing into the manor and heading to a peaceful spot in the back mountains for recuperation.
Meanwhile, in the main hall of the Verdett House, powerhouses from the Five Houses of the Verde Academy gathered.
“I never expected James to be this strong.” “Indeed, just at the Terra Boundless Rank, he managed to defeat Wynona, who’s at the Quasi Boundless Rank.
If it weren’t for Sir Lothar’s intervention, Wynona would have lost her life.” “What kind of power did James ultimately unleash? I sensed a trace of it being Verde, but what was the other force?” In the main hall, many powerhouses were discussing the events of the battle.
Lothar stepped forward and said, “Enough, this matter has concluded.
Whatever you all need to do, go ahead and do it.” With that, Lothar also departed.
In a quiet spot in the back mountains of the Verdett House, Wynona sat cross-legged.
Her hair fell freely behind her.
She appeared pale with a feeble aura.
Lothar appeared before her.
She uttered weakly, “Sir, I’m sorry that I’ve embarrassed you.” Saying this, she took out the Caelandor Sword and offered it with both hands, saying, “I am unworthy to possess this Caelandor Sword.” Lothar stood before her.
He looked at her with a touch of helplessness, sighed, and said, “Your path of cultivation has been too smooth.
It’s only natural for you to face this tribulation.
In this battle, you burned your Blood Essence.
Your rank has fallen, but this will bring you benefits.” Wynona wore a despondent expression.
She had been confident this time.
However, she still lost.
Even after burning her Blood Essence and attaining immense power, she remained no match for James.
Not only had she fallen in rank, but her Cultivation Heart had also been shaken.
Without regaining her composure and mending her Cultivation Heart, she would be ruined.
“Sir, what should I do?” Wynona looked at Lothar with helplessness.
Lothar said, “Since there was an agreement before the battle, you should follow James and become his servant.” “Tmpossible,” Wynona immediately protested.
“Even in death, I won’t be his maid.” Lothar glanced at her, noticing her unusual emotions, and said, “ Confront what you fear.
It’s the only way for you to rediscover your Cultivation Heart and advance further on your path of cultivation.
“Don’t underestimate James.
Despite his lower cultivation rank, his Cultivation Heart is not something you can compare to.
Follow him, learn earnestly, and seek guidance humbly.
It will benefit you in the long run.
Think it over for yourself.”


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