The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4765

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4765-After speaking, Lothar vanished.

James sustained injuries during the battle, and they were not minor.
After the battle, he began tending to his wounds within the time formation.
Soon, his wounds healed.
In the Tempris House, within a manor nestled at the main peak of the rear mountain, James and other powerhouses from the Tempris House gathered.
James looked at everyone and spoke, “I had initially intended to take this opportunity to lose to Wynona, step down from my position as the Head of Tempris House, and then leave the house.
However, little did I know she would propose such a wager.
If I lost, she demanded that I became her follower.
[ had no choice but to fight for my life.
Now that the matters of the Tempris House are mostly settled, we can set out on our journey to the Aeternus District.” Hearing about the Aeternus District, Saachi’s face lit up with excitement.
“Let’s go, let’s go!” Waleria impatiently chimed in.
“Let’s go,” James said.
Subsequently, the group vanished on the spot, only to reappear in the void outside this universe.
“Aren’t we using the Teleportation Formation?” Waleria asked, puzzled.
“No,” James replied.
“Using the Teleportation Formation is rather dull.
I want to explore other districts of the Endlos.
This journey to the Aeternus District will take us through many districts, including the Welkin District, where I wish to meet Yardos.” James’ purpose for this journey was not just to see the Aeternus District.
He wanted to explore more districts.
His top priority was visiting Yardos in the Welkin District.
“The grand event in the Hazeaf District is only one epoch away.
Can we make it in time?” Waleria asked, furrowing her brow.
“We’ll definitely make it,” James said with a smile.
“Alright, let’s take a stroll around,” Waleria replied after some thought.
Then, she summoned an airship.
With a leap, everyone boarded the airship.
“Wait…” Just then, a voice sounded from the cosmic expanse ahead.
James and the others stood on the airship’s deck, gazing at the cosmic horizon.
A figure materialized.
The woman wore a simple white robe and had long, black hair flowing behind her.
She exuded an unassuming aura.
She was Wynona.
At that moment, she had lost the arrogance she once possessed.
James frowned as he looked at her appearance and asked, “What are you doing here?” Wynona stepped into the void, appearing on the airship.
She looked at James and the others with a respectful expression.
“T offer my respects to Sir James and the esteemed elders,” she said as she bowed slightly.
“I am here to fulfill our agreement.
Having lost to you, Iam now your devoted follower, ready to serve at your command.” “Huh?” James was momentarily taken aback.
To him, the agreement made before their battle was but a casual remark, not to be taken seriously.
He glanced at Wynona, who was earnestly making her pledge, and said, “You don’t have to take it seriously.
There’s no need for you to become a maid or anything.
You can go back.” However, Wynona did not leave.
She looked at James and spoke softly, “During our battle, I burned my Blood Essence.
My cultivation rank was already unstable initially, hence this caused my rank to fall after the battle.
Sir Lothar said that you are extraordinary and asked me to follow you to learn and rediscover my Cultivation Heart.
Otherwise, I’ll remain stuck here for the rest of my life.
“T want to be your follower to learn from you, rediscover my Cultivation Heart, return to the Quasi Boundless Rank, and even break into the Chaos Rank.
When that time comes, I’ll challenge you again.” Wynona spoke softly, her words dripping with humility.
In front of James, she was unable to muster even a hint of arrogance.


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