The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4769

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4769-“Why would these two come here?” he muttered to himself, then exclaimed, “Come up!” Upon hearing the voice, James looked smugly at Waleria beside him and then proceeded to climb the mountain.

Yardos stood dressed in a black robe at the mountaintop of Mount Blithe.
Upon seeing James, he could not contain his excitement.
He embraced him and burst into hearty laughter, saying, “Haha, it’s you, it’s really you.” He embraced James, laughing excitedly.
After so many years, he had finally encountered someone from his hometown.
“yardos Xagorari,” Wynton called out.
“Go away…” Yardos glanced at Wynton.
He flicked his finger lightly and unleashed a formidable force that directly attacked Wynton, sending him flying out of this universe.
Soon, Wynton returned.
He clutched his chest, wearing a pained expression on his face, and said, “Isn’t this a bit excessive? I only defeated you once in the same cultivation rank.
Is there really a need to hold such a grudge?” “Who are they?” Yardos glanced at Waleria, Saachi, and Wynona.
James immediately replied, “I am now the Head of Tempris House at Verde Academy, and they are all elders of Tempris.” “Yardos, it’s been a while,” a voice said.
Immediately, a blood-red light appeared.
Xrival, you’ve come too?” Yardos was surprised but soon realized what was happening and said, “It’s just an illusion.” As he spoke, he waved his hand, and a powerful force materialized.
Waleria, Saachi, and Wynona were instantly shaken and thrown out of Mount Blithe.
Waleria was a Quasi Boundless Rank powerhouse, yet she had no resistance against Yardos.
Outside Mount Blithe, her expression was filled with anger as she cursed, “Yardos Xagorari doesn’t show me any respect.” She wanted to climb the mountain once more, but there was a powerful restraining force at the mountain that even Waleria could not overcome.
On the mountaintop, Yardos looked at James and the others, asking, “How did you all come here?” James explained the situation.
Wynton also elaborated on the reasons for his arrival in the Endlos ’ Nine Districts.
James then asked, “Mr.
Yardos, what have you discovered during the countless years you’ve been in the Welkin District?” Yardos sighed and said, “I haven’t discovered anything.
I was on the verge of death when I first arrived in the Endlos’ Nine Districts.
After recovering from my injuries, I was full of pride.
I wanted to challenge the Welkin District Lord to understand the difference between me and the Chaos Rank powerhouse.
However, I was defeated and trapped in Mount Blithe.
It wasn’t until I broke through to the Chaos Rank that I regained my freedom.
I’ve been quietly discovering some events from the past, but I haven’t made much progress.
Now I’m waiting for the return of the Chaos District’s aura.” Upon hearing this, James shared what he had discovered since arriving in the Endlos’ Nine Districts.
“So that’s how it is,” Yardos said, enlightened.
“However, things may not be that simple,” Wynton added, revealing some inside information he knew.
He talked about the fusion of the Chaos District Lord and the Chaos Heavenly Path, as well as the Chaos District Lord’s desire to sacrifice the living beings from the entire Chaos District for resurrection.
James also mentioned his experiences in the illusion, including Emperor Raiah, Wynne Dalganus, and the matter of the sacred scroll.
A group of powerhouses from the Chaos District gathered together, discussing the Sky Burial of the Chaos District and revealing some of the secrets of the Endlos’ Nine Districts.
The things James mentioned were things that Yardos had not been able to discover.
Yardos, what should we do now?” James asked.
Yardos pondered for a moment and said, “Based on what you’ve told me, the Chaos District has been concealed in the past, and there are definitely hidden secrets within it.
Moreover, the Endlos ’ Nine Districts also hold too many secrets.
A long time ago, before the birth of the Ten Districts, something significant must have occurred.
What we can do now is establish our own power, make a stand in the Endlos’ Nine Districts, and await the return of the Chaos aura.
When that time comes, the powerhouses of the Endlos ’ Nine Districts will take action, and everything will become clear.”


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