The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4770

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4770-After learning this information, Yardos offered James some suggestions.

His suggestions involved building their own influence within the Endlos’ Nine Districts, initially establishing a foothold there, and then patiently waiting for the return of the Chaos District’s aura.
By that time, the truth of the matter would become evident, and everything would be unveiled.
Upon hearing this, James contemplated it.
When he left the Chaos, it had already ushered in one of the most brilliant eras in history.
In this great environment, numerous powerhouses would be born.
Now, more than ten thousand epochs had elapsed.
According to the brilliance of the Chaos District, many powerhouses should have emerged after his departure.
Perhaps some of the powerhouses from the Chaos District were working hard to suppress the aura emanating from it, preventing it from being sensed by the Nine Districts.
If that was the case, James did not have much time left.
“Is Tempris in the Verde District considered part of my influence?” James asked.
Yardos shook his head slightly and said, “Tempris is merely one of the Five Houses within the Verde Academy.
Even if you hold the position of Head of Tempris House, it doesn’t represent the Five Districts, so it doesn’t count.
You’ll need to build something distinct.” Upon hearing this, James thought for a moment.
Then, he said, “ My primary destination on this journey is the Aeternus District.” James explained some of the things related to the Aeternus District.
Yardos nodded lightly and said, “The Aeternus District is an excellent choice.
You can utilize this opportunity to bring stability to the chaos in the Aeternus District, exercise control, and establish a new sect.
When I join, it will undoubtedly gain popularity across the Nine Districts and attract numerous powerhouses to join.” Yardos had already thought about the path ahead.
“Then it can only be this way.” James nodded gently.
They gathered together and discussed some of the things that would come next.
At the same time, they needed to find Henrik and Wyot, who had arrived in the Endlos’ Nine Districts, in order to discern their purpose for venturing into the Chaos.
Only through this process could they more effectively evaluate, analyze, and speculate about Teresa’s intentions.
Additionally, what should they do if Teresa’s avatar were to manifest one day? These were all subjects of discussion among them.
The discussion lasted for several months.
During that time, they also formulated detailed plans.
Several months later, James turned to Wynton and said, “Go down the mountain first, reassure Waleria and the others.
I’ll have a conversation with Mr.
Yardos.” “Okay,” Wynton nodded, then stood up and left the area.
After Wynton left, only James and the illusory form of the Ancestral Blood Master remained.
Ancestral Blood Master’s illusory form had nothing to do, so he returned to the space created by James.
As he was currently just an illusory form, he could not sense the existence of his main self and did not know the current situation in the Chaos District.
There was nothing for him to stay for.
Yardos, there’s a sacred scroll in the Welkin District.
Do you have any means to acquire it from the Welkin District Lord?” James asked.
He had discovered the secret of the sacred scroll and was eager to collect them all.
The more sacred scrolls he obtained, the more power he could cultivate, and the stronger he would become.
Upon hearing this, Yardos frowned and said, “I hadn’t heard of the sacred scrolls before, and I’ve only just learned of their existence.
The Welkin District Lord is an extremely elusive figure, and acquiring the sacred scroll from him might prove challenging.
Still, you should proceed with your plans in the Aeternus District and do what you need to do.
I will find a way to obtain the Welkin District’s sacred scroll, even if it necessitates the use of force.” With Yardos’s assurance, James felt relieved.
“By the way, is there a tenth rank in the Omniscience Path?” James asked.
He had already reached the late stage of the ninth rank.
His Omniscience Path had reached a point where further advancement seemed impossible, but he could still improve his physical body, bloodline, and aura.
As long as he broke through to the next realm, he could continue to advance.


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