The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4771

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4771-“Of course.”

Yardos flashed James a smile.
“Not only is there a tenth rank but also there’s a good chance the eleventh rank exists for the Omniscience Path.
I’ve already entered the late stage of the tenth rank.
I’m currently trying to figure out how to advance to the eleventh rank.
You can’t move to the tenth rank yet since you’re still lacking in your cultivation base.
You can work on that after you’ve reached the late stage of Caelum Acme Rank.” Yardos’ words confirmed James’s suspicion.
‘The tenth and eleventh Rank…
I guess it’s a never-ending learning and training process.
For the eleventh rank, even Yardos, a Chaos Rank cultivator, is still unsure how to achieve it.
A cultivator who can reach the eleventh rank would be a force to be reckoned with,’ James thought.
“Would you attend the Hazeaf Gathering that would be held in an epoch’s time, Sir Yardos?” Jarnes asked.
“T should,” Yardos replied, “In the meantime, you need to restore peace in the Aeternus District and gain control over that area.
Others will learn of our names at the Hazeaf Gathering.
The Aeternus District would not remain the weakest district among the Endlos’ Nine Districts.
It would grow to be one of the strongest districts by then.” “Understood, Sir Yardos.” James felt much more reassured after having the conversation with Yardos.
There weren’t that many Chaos Rank cultivators across the Endlos’ Nine Districts, to begin with.
With the seasoned cultivator’s support, James did not have to worry about getting into trouble with another cultivator of a higher cultivation rank.
Off you go now.
I’ll have another closed-door meditation and try to figure out the way to achieve the eleventh rank of the Omniscience Path as soon as possible.” Yardos waved his hand dismissively.
James got to his feet, bowed to Yardos, and excused himself.
After he had descended Mount Blithe, James soon arrived outside a small wooden cottage.
As James reached out to open the door, he could hear Waleria’s voice coming from inside the house.
“Once I enter the Chaos Rank, the first person I’ll issue a challenge to is definitely going to be that snob, Yardos Xagorari! We’ll see which of us is stronger then!” Waleria’s voice rang with indignation.
James heard every word of her ranting but he entered the room regardless.
Waleria shot an icy glance in his direction.
“Well, people always say that birds of a feather flock together.” “Enough with the sarcasm,” James said, “Let’s head over to the Aeternus District right away.
The sooner we settle the issues in the Aeternus District, the quicker we can depart for the Hazeaf District.” James was very much looking forward to witnessing how Yardos would demonstrate his impressive powers and skills before the other cultivators from all nine districts and gain recognition for his superiority.
With a simple wave of the hand, Waleria kept the wooden cottage in her storage.
Then, she conjured an airship almost instantaneously.
“Pll be conducting my closed-door meditation in my room.
I plan to enter the Caelum Acme Rank this time.” After all of them had gotten aboard the airship, James informed the others of his plan.
Then, he went into a room and put up a time formation.
Next, he set in place a formation that sealed off his aura from the outside world.
‘I feel incredibly motivated after seeing how great and powerful Yardos is.
I want to become stronger too! ‘Just look at how Waleria, the exceptionally talented cultivator, turned docile before Yardos.
I hope I get to see that side of her or even order her around someday,’ James pondered.
James sat on the floor with his legs crossed inside the room.
An overwhelming aura emanated from his body.
James had achieved great enlightenment within the Boundless state of the Terra Acme Rank although he had not spent a long time in it.


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