The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4772

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4772-Moreover, James had fully mastered the Primal Mantra and the knowledge of the Greater Paths.

Even though he had not sensed the trigger for him to advance into the Caelum Acme Rank, James was equipped with the abilities and skills to move on to the next Acme Rank if he willed it.
As James focused his concentration, his body began to glow with a myriad of colors.
Those colorful lights transformed into unique, cryptic inscriptions almost instantaneously.
A strangely ethereal sight could be seen as James channeled his powers through the manifestation of paths around him.
As the paths evolved and displayed the highest form of power, James instantly detected that he had entered the Caelum Acme Rank.
In the blink of an eye, James’ aura and the amount of powers he had increased by folds.
At that very moment, everyone could feel a strong tremor throughout the entire airship.
Suddenly, the ship came to a halt as a powerful energy fell upon the airship and trapped it in mid-air.
Simultaneously, countless strange inscriptions appeared in the Endlos Void around the airship.
Waleria detected the shift of pressure in the air and exited her room right away.
When she had arrived on the deck of the ship, Waleria could see the innumerable inscriptions floating in the air above the ship.
The inscriptions were swiftly clumping together to form mounds of tribulation clouds.
“It’s the Heavenly Tribulation…
James must’ve achieved the Caelum Acme Rank,” Waleria muttered in a low voice.
The others had come out to the deck as well.
Wynona asked curiously, “That’s strange.
I didn’t have to face the Heavenly Tribulation back when I entered the Caelum Acme Rank.
Why is this happening to Master though?” Saachi explained, “This is closely related to one’s training and cultivation process.
The more karma you’ve accumulated during your cultivation, the more providence and boon you’ll receive in return too.
The possibility of the cultivator encountering the Heavenly Tribulation increases exponentially too.” “Mhm.” Waleria nodded.
“Normally, people won’t have to worry about facing tribulations after they enter the Acme Ranks and become competent cultivators.
However, as Saachi said, one might encounter the Heavenly Tribulation if they’ve racked up a considerable amount of karma after entering the Acme Rank.
Also, the later the Heavenly Tribulation appears as one advances through the Acme Ranks, the more potent and deadly the powers of the Heavenly Tribulation will become.
Furthermore, if you didn’t encounter it during the Caelum Acme Rank, you’d still have to go through the Heavenly Tribulation during the Quasi Chaos Rank.” Whoosh! Just then, all of them sawa figure zooming through the air before them and stopped somewhere a few hundred meters above the airship.
It was James.
James sensed how the airship was trapped within that area of the Endlos Void.
He raised an arm and unleashed his powers.
The spatial seal cast around that space was undone in a flash.
At the same time, the airship vanished and reemerged at a safe spot far away from the tribulation clouds at James’ command.
On the other hand, the tribulation clouds with magical, colorful hues continued to form above James.
However, everyone could sense the terrifyingly immense energies that each of those clouds carried.
“This isn’t any ordinary Heavenly Tribulation.” Zula had a grim expression.
“Most people tried to avoid gaining karma by training carefully after entering the Acme Ranks.
They were hoping to prevent the chances of encountering the Heavenly Tribulation as they leveled up.
It’s a matter of life and death when it comes to facing a Heavenly Tribulation at the Acme Ranks.” “She’s right.” Waleria gave a sigh.
“But James seems to be completely fearless all this time.
This guy just does whatever he wants since the first day I met him.
He doesn’t seer to be bothered about gaining karma in the slightest.” “Hey! Look at that.
What’s that pattern?” Wynona pointed to the clouds.
A strange pattern started forming from the tribulation clouds.
At first, the pattern resembled the Tai Chi Eight Trigram Formation a little.
Curiously enough, the pattern also appeared to look like an image of the Sacred Blossom.
Some also found the mysterious pattern to look like an extrapolation formation at some point.
Moreover, the pattern seemed to be continuously evolving.
Countless variations were produced every minute.
Even skilled cultivators like Waleria and Wynton could not comprehend the meaning behind those patterns.
“Interesting,” Wynton began, “Since a long time ago, most of the superior signature skills were born as their creator entered the Caelum Acme Rank.
Will James also create a new signature skill as he’s advanced to the Caelum Acme Rank now?”


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