The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4773

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4773-Zula, Waleria, and the others were all staring at James, who was eventually surrounded by the tribulation clouds.

James had also spotted the mysterious pattern appearing amid the clouds.
The man was momentarily stunned.
James found the pattern to be oddly familiar.
Yet, he couldn’t seem to recall where he had come across the pattern before at the moment.
At the same time, James instinctively knew that he was facing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during the Heavenly Tribulation.
‘From what I learned, the Nine Voices of Chaos was created as the Chaos Master advanced to the Caelum Acme Rank.
Also, Yardos Xagorari developed the Blithe Omniscience when he achieved the Caelum Acme Rank.’ James pondered.
“Oh, I know what this is now!” James exclaimed.
‘This pattern is a combination of the complete integration of the Greater Paths and the fusion of all the inscriptions from the Primal Mantra! I can sense the full powers of all the primitive inscriptions derived from the Primal Mantra from this pattern.
Apart from that, I can see the Sacred Blossom formed by the Greater Paths in it!’ James thought.
Just then, loud, crackling sounds filled the space around them as the aura emanated from the tribulation clouds destroyed the Endlos Void near them.
As numerous cracks formed and spread across the Endlos Void, several spatial black holes started appearing in that area as well.
The spatial turbulence caused by the black holes coupled with the petrifying energies of the Heavenly Tribulation were a frightening sight to behold.
Waleria and the others dared not hastily go near the space where James and the tribulation clouds were.
If any of them were to enter that space right now, the powers of the Heavenly Tribulation would increase correspondingly.
The intruders would be attacked by the Heavenly Tribulation as well.
Suddenly, countless lightning produced from the tribulation clouds fell from the sky and aimed for James.
“Hahaha!” Instead of feeling fear, James let out a loud laugh in excitement.
“I could finally train and improve my physical condition again upon advancing to a new cultivation rank.
Now, I can use these lightning bolts to test the limits of my current body whilst increasing its endurance!” As soon as he had finished saying that, James was hit by those lightning bolts.
Waleria and the others witnessed a strange phenomenon as the color of James’ skin was tinged with various shades of color.
Those colorful lightning bolts appeared to have reacted with the cells in James’ body the instant they entered his bady.
James was knocked out of his senses for the next few seconds.
His body was shaking all over like a leaf in the wind.
As he came to his senses, James could feel an excruciating pain in his body.
Upon inspection, he found that he had suffered severe damage to his system.
He had several broken bones.
Some of his delicate, fine bones were even pulverized.
Waleria couldn’t help but grumble, “Does he have a death wish?! How could he mindlessly take direct hits from those lightning bolts? This is a Heavenly Tribulation at the level of the Caelum Acme Rank! What’s more, he’s incurred a lot of karma since he’s received quite a number of providences.


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