The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4775

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4775-Just as everyone thought that the Heavenly Tribulation was over, the tribulation clouds appeared to gather somewhere in the distance again.

They swiftly formed an intricate pattern.

A dark, human-like form stepped out of the pattern the next instant.

An immense energy emanated from the dark figure, and it instantly destroyed the area of the Endlos Void within a thousand- meter radius.

“What?!” Waleria was in a state of shock.

Wynona and Zula were staring at the dark figure in astonishment as well.

“what is that thing?” Wynton knitted his brows.

“Is that a manifestation of the Heavenly Path?” “Tt doesn’t seem like it.

I can sense a trace of James’ aura from that dark figure, though.” At the same time, James was immersed in a state of spiritual enlightenment.

Suddenly, he detected a wave of powerful energy.

As James opened his eyes to check his surroundings, he spotted the pattern in the sky.

Numerous inscriptions of complex designs formed the mysterious pattern shown amid the tribulation clouds.

Each of those inscriptions represented a form of path that carried exceptional, superior powers.

James stared at the pattern in awe.

Just then, the black, shadow- like figure materialized before James and entered his field of vision.

“The Blithe Omniscience?!” Wynton and the others were caught off-guard as they witnessed the dark figure unleash a Blithe Omniscience technique.

Even Quasi Chaos Rank cultivators like Waleria and Zula did not detect any spatial shifts as the figure teleported toward James.

The dark figure threw a punch at James’ chest the instant it had reemerged before its target.

The immense force sent James flying in the air.

The dark figure even managed to drill a bloody hole through James’ chest with its attack.

In a flash, James’ shirt was drenched in blood.

“What’s this? Is this also a part of the Heavenly Tribulation?” James asked in a puzzled voice.

At that very moment, the dark figure appeared a few steps away from James.

James immediately adjusted his breathing and conjured the Chaos Sword.

He raised the sword and unleashed the Nine Voices of Chaos at once.

The Sonic Sword Energies were blasted in the direction of his target.

To everyone’s surprise, the dark figure conjured a sword that looked just like the Chaos Sword.

Then, it unleashed the exact same attack of the Chaos’ Nine Voices that James had just demonstrated.

As those two Sonic Sword Energies clashed with each other, the force generated crushed all of the space in close proximity.

It even caused a slight disturbance in the flow of time within that area.

James was momentarily stunned.

However, he quickly generated the Chaos Power and the Verde Power.

Then, he channeled both of those powers through the Chaos Sword.

An impressive sword energy was formed within the Chaos Sword.

Unfortunately, James noticed that the dark figure had swiftly copied his moves.

Both of them started attacking each other at an unbelievably quick pace, with the dark figure mirroring James’ every move.

After several exchanges, James had sustained quite a few severe injuries.

On the contrary, that mysterious figure did not seem affected in the slightest.

“Gosh! It is as if I’m facing a new version of myself as an opponent now.

What’s more, that version of me is way stronger and faster than me.” James tried to catch his breath during a break.

He knew that he had to give his all in the face of that dangerous, shadow-like figure.

James initiated the Omniscience Path and started generating the Eternal Power.

His body glowed with a faint white light instantly.

As he continued to fight the dark figure, James used every technique and signature skill that he had learned so far.

That included the Blossoming, the Blithe Omniscience, and the Nine Voices of Chaos.

Still, nothing seemed to cause any substantial damage to the dark figure.

As James’ powers were slowly diminishing, the figure remained consistently fast and accurate.

It was supplied with an endless source of energy by the tribulation clouds.

As time went on, James’ expression darkened.


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