The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4776

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4776-The shadow-like figure was unbelievably strong.

It knew every signature skill that James had mastered.

Furthermore, it had much more power than James.

Soon enough, James was slowed down by the various injuries inflicted on his body.

He was almost at his limits as he had used up most of his powers.

Just then, the dark figure materialized before James and swung the sword in its hand toward James’ chest heavily.

James hurriedly held the Chaos Sword up to block its attack.

Unfortunately, the little strength he had left was not enough to deflect the figure’s powerful blow.

James lost his grip on the sword, and it landed several meters away from its master.

An overpowering amount of sword energy swept toward James and sliced across his chest the next instant.

The wound was so deep that even parts of James’ bones were revealed.

Before James could react, the dark figure continued to swing its sword at James, landing vicious blow after blow on his body.

Gasps of horror and shock could be heard among the ladies as they watched James take those deadly attacks from the figure.

All this while, Waleria had been trying her best to hold back from stepping forward to help James.

Since they were dealing with the Heavenly Tribulation, any onlookers who tried to interfere with the process would face serious repercussions for their actions.

However, Waleria’s mind went blank as she saw James getting brutally attacked over and over again.

Her body moved the next instant.

She teleported toward the tribulation clouds and reappeared in between James and the dark figure.

Waleria raised her palm and blasted a powerful attack at the figure, sending it flying several hundred meters away.

Then, she placed her other palm against James’ chest and channeled her powers into his body to heal his injuries.

At the same time, the shadow-like figure appeared to have gained more powers as its cultivation rank was swiftly raised to the Quasi Chaos Rank.

It teleported back to Waleria’s side and launched an attack at her with its sword.

Waleria immediately put up a shield to block the attack.

However, the sword energy penetrated Waleria’s shield and struck her almost instantly, slicing the lady’s body into half.

Waleria’s separated bodies vanished and reemerged somewhere a few steps away.

Her bodies reconnected, and Waleria appeared to be whole again.

Then, the lady started generating her powers to prepare for her next attack.

As her body glowed brightly with a purple light, the image of a purple flower could be seen surrounding her form.

Suddenly, James’ voice rang across the space.

“Have you lost your mind?!” James teleported toward Waleria and shoved her outward with all his might.

“Do you have a death wish?! This is the Heavenly Tribulation! Get out of here now!” Waleria stopped somewhere just outside the area sealed off by the Heavenly Tribulation.

As she let down her guard, Waleria started coughing up some blood.

She returned to the airship to treat her injuries at once.

Waleria had also realized how quickly James was growing stronger.

‘I could hardly take one attack from that mysterious figure just now.

That would mean that if James and I were both in the Quasi Chaos Rank, James would be able to take me down with just one blow,’ thought Waleria.

On the other hand, the dark figure’s powers seemed to have dropped to the original level the instant Waleria had gotten out of its attack range.

Meanwhile, James was badly injured and feeling slightly light- headed.

Still, he knew he couldn’t back down now.

He summoned the Chaos Sword and tightened his grip on the handle.

Then, he resumed the battle with the dark figure.

The fierce and bloody battle between James and the powerful figure lasted for almost a thousand years.


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