The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4777

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4777-After the long, arduous battle, the skin and muscles on James’ body were mostly gone.

All that was left of James was his skeleton.

The ordinary cultivator would not be able to last this long in this condition.

However, James’ soul had fused into every part of his body, even to the deepest parts of his bones.

As long as the bones remained, James could retain his consciousness and continue to fight.

While James was busy defending himself from the shadow-like figure’s attacks, he also had to reserve some of his powers to protect his skeleton from being completely destroyed.

The others could observe countless marks and holes on James’ skeleton.

All of them bated their breaths as they watched the intense battle between James and the figure.

The dark figure generated several powerful Sonic Sword Energies and blasted them in James’ direction.

Just then, numerous ancient inscriptions appeared before James and grouped together to form an intricate pattern.

The Sonic Sword Energies were absorbed into the pattern and released back into space, aiming for the dark figure this time.

It appeared as though the pattern had deflected the dark figure’s attack.

Still, the human-like figure managed to dodge James’ attack instantly.


That’s the pattern made by those tribulation clouds!” Waleria exclaimed.

Wynton heaved a small sigh.

“I knew James was an exceptional man.

He managed to recreate the pattern shown in the tribulation clouds.

Even though his pattern does not carry any other variations, it nonetheless possesses immense destructive powers.” AS everyone stared at the sight before them in awe, another pattern had materialized right above the dark figure.

Countless inscriptions extended out of the pattern and formed a barrier around the figure, holding its target securely in place.

After that, the pattern generated an attack of the Universal Sword Art right away.

As waves of sword energies rained on the shadow- like figure, the figure was eventually crushed and broken down into numerous pieces of inscriptions.

“Go!” A rough, steely voice reverberated across the Endlos Void in that area at that very moment.

At James’ command, the Chaos Sword flew toward the pattern at the center of the tribulation clouds at a high speed.

As it pierced through the pattern and shattered it, the powers of the Heavenly Tribulation began to grow weak.

The pattern formed by the clouds appeared to fade away little by little as well.

At long last, the Heavenly Tribulation had ended.

As things seemed to settle down, James got into a seated position and set up a time formation around him.

From afar, any passersby would see the strange sight of a human skeleton staying completely still in a deserted area of the Endlos Void.

The airship slowly approached where James was and stopped somewhere a few meters away.

Waleria couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice.

“The Heavenly Tribulation has ended.

He made it through the Heavenly Tribulation!” “That was so impressive!” Wynona had barely recovered from the shock of witnessing the fierce battle.

“I think Master is the first person who’s able to fight in this condition for so long.

I’ve never heard or read about any similar incidents from our ancient records thus far.” Zula added, “James has a bright future ahead of him.

With time, he will surely grow to become the most powerful cultivator in the Endlos’ Nine Districts.

No other being will be able to trounce James.” Wynton had a pensive expression on his face.

“The patterns that James had demonstrated earlier were fixed, displaying no other variations.

However, those patterns carried powers that had exceeded James’ powers at his current cultivation rank.” “If James could fully master the pattern, he would even be able to defeat cultivators of the Quasi Chaos Rank.” In this case, Wynton was referring to Quasi Chaos Rank cultivators like Lothar, who had been training at that rank for an extended amount of time.

“Well, all that is left for us to do now is wait for James to complete his closed-door meditation.” Waleria gazed at the skeleton, which was James, with a relieved look in her eyes.

Whilst everyone waited for him on the airship, new tissues and muscles were slowly forming on James’ bones.


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