The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4781

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4781-Wyot thought collecting the nine sacred scrolls would be a piece of cake.

However, when he arrived in the Endlos’ Nine Districts, he realized how terrifying of a place it was.

Therefore, he traveled to the Kapron District and became a disciple of the district leader.

The Kapron District ranked relatively high amongst the Endlos’ Nine Districts, and their district leader was a peerless powerhouse at the Chaos Rank.

Wyot was deeply favored by the Kapron District’s leader.

He was even bestowed with Mount Kapron and their sacred scroll.

After obtaining one of the sacred scrolls, Wyot began actively searching for the other district’s scrolls.

Eventually, he set his sights on the weakest district, the Aeternus District.

He led several powerhouses to the Aeternus District in an attempt to forcibly seize their sacred scroll, the Aeternus Mantra.

However, he discovered the sacred scroll was already long lost.

Wyot waited for a long time, but the Aeternus District could not retrieve the Aeternus Mantra.

His patience had already worn out.

After leaving a warning, he left the hall.

Devin’s smile gradually froze and was replaced with gloominess.

He clenched his fists tightly as anger filled his heart.

He sneered, “Just wait until I enter the Chaos Rank.

I’d like to see if you can keep up with your arrogance.” Devin was furious, but Wyot had an extraordinary background.

Not only was he a disciple of the Kapron District’s leader, but he was also Mount Kapron’s Lord.

Therefore, Devin had no choice but to swallow his anger.

“Locate Saachi right away!” Devin’s rumbling voice resounded throughout the mountains.

Then, he disappeared from the main hall.

Meanwhile, Wyot held a meeting on a different spiritual mountain.

He sat in the highest seat, and a few powerhouses from Mount Kapron stood below him.

An elder of Mount Kapron asked, “Why do you insist on obtaining the sacred scrolls, Sir Wyot? Although every district has a mysterious sacred scroll, not even powerhouses at the Chaos Rank can comprehend its content.” The elder knew the different districts had a sacred scroll, which had existed since ancient times.

The District Leaders were aware the other districts also had similar sacred scrolls.

They had even exchanged their sacred scrolls, but nobody could understand their content.

Over time, everybody’s interest in the sacred scrolls disappeared.

“It’s an order from the District Leader.

If you want to know, go ask him.” Wyot was unsure how to explain himself, but telling the truth was not an option.

Ultimately, he used the District Leader as an excuse.

Mount Kapron’s elders were naturally afraid of personally asking the Kapron District’s leader about it.

“Alright, everyone’s dismissed.

I’d like some time alone.” Wyot gently waved his hand.

The powerhouses in the hall dispersed.

Wyot sat on a chair, massaging his forehead in distress.

He had been in the Endlos’ Nine Districts for over an epoch but had only obtained the Kapron District’s sacred scroll.

There was still a long way before he collected all nine.

He began pondering on how to obtain the other sacred scrolls.

After collecting the nine sacred scrolls, it would be time for him to return to the Chaos District.

By then, the Chaos Master would have been resurrected, and the Dooms would rise above the others to rule the Ten Districts.

Eventually, the Chaos Master would become the Endlos Lord.

Ultimately, he would be one of the greatest contributors to the Doom Race’s rise.


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