The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4782

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4782-James was unaware that Wyot had already arrived in the Aeternus District and set his eyes on the Aeternus Mantra.

He and his comrades entered the Aeternus District after they disguised themselves and hid their auras.

Even though they were not from the Aeternus District, they had a certain popularity in the Verde District.

It was inevitable that cultivators from the Verde District would travel to the Aeternus District.

Therefore, they took precautions to avoid being identified and getting into trouble.

James’ group arrived outside Aeternuston, a city under the Aeternus Sect.

It was also the closest city to the Aeternus Sect.

Upon arrival, they noticed Saachi’s portrait in a wanted poster pasted on the city wall.

They immediately exchanged glances with each other.

Then, James muttered, “It’s already been ten thousand epochs, but the Aeternus Sect is still trying to find Saachi.” Saachi was equally surprised and said, “Fortunately, I’ve been hiding in the Verde Academy’s Tempris House all these years.

They must’ve already searched all the other districts.” James ended the topic and said, “Let’s head inside.” The group entered the city and rented a spiritual mountain as their temporary residence.

After settling down, they held a meeting.

James looked at Saachi and asked, “What’s your main goal? Do you want to destroy the Aeternus Sect or kill the Sect Leader, Devin Hael?” Saachi’s face darkened.

“I come from a huge family.

After my father’s death, countless family members were slaughtered.

There are hardly any members from my family tree left in the Aeternus Sect.

Those who remained within the sect betrayed our family.

There’s no need for the Aeternus Sect to exist anymore, so I’d like to have them destroyed.” Saachi carried deep hatred in her heart.

It was a blood feud, and she wanted the Aeternus Sect to suffer the same consequences.

She wanted them to atone for her deceased family members with their lives.

James immediately knew what to do with Saachi’s words.

He ordered, “Everyone spread out in the city and gather information.” “T’m not going out.” Waleria slumped against a chair and rested her legs on the table.

Her dress slid up her thighs and exposed her slender legs.

Wynona stood up and said, “Sir, I’ll ask around.

The two of you should rest.” Zula said, “I’d also like to go out for a stroll.” “Alright.” James nodded lightly.

Then, he turned to the eager Saachi and said, “You shouldn’t go out.

The entire Aeternus Sect is on the lookout for you.

A strong cultivator can identify you even if you hide your aura.” Saachi nodded her head.

After the brief discussion, Wynona and Zula headed out to gather information.

The rest of the group rested in the spiritual mountain.

In the backside of the spiritual mountain, James sat on a rock and looked into the distance pensively.

A beautiful woman walked over gracefully and stopped in front of him.

Seeing James was in a daze, Saachi asked, “What’s the matter? A penny for your thoughts?” James looked at Saachi, contemplating whether to tell her about wanting to start a new force in this universe after eliminating the Aeternus Sect.


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