The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4783

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4783-After contemplating for a while, James asked, “What are your plans after destroying the Aeternus Sect? Do you want to create a new sect and reclaim your father’s position as the Aeternus District’s Leader? Or do you have other plans?” Saachi was unsure of how to answer the question.

Her mind was occupied with revenge.

She had never given much consideration as to what to do next.

She shook her head lightly and said, “I’ve never really thought about it.

If possible, I’d like to return to Tempris House and live leisurely.

I could cultivate with peace of mind and strive to reach a higher cultivation rank.” James was reassured by her answer.

He asked, “What do you think about me creating a new sect in the Aeternus Sect?” Saachi replied instantly, “Sounds good.

That would be even better.

I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of traveling back to Tempris House.” “Then it’s settled.” James smiled.

Wynona and Zula returned very quickly.

Everyone gathered in the spiritual mountain’s main hall.

Wynona reported, “We’re lucky we didn’t act recklessly.

According to the information I’ve gathered, Mount Kapron’s Lord led several powerhouses into the Aeternus Sect and temporarily settled there.

He forced the Aeternus Sect’s Leader to hand over the Aeternus Mantra.” Startled, Waleria asked, “Seriously? Mount Kapron’s Lord? The Kapron District’s Leader, a peerless powerhouse in the Chaos Rank? Did he personally come to the Aeternus Sect for a mere sacred scroll?” Zula replied, “I’ve inquired about it.

The Kapron District’s Leader has recruited a disciple and passed the Mount Kapron’s Lord title to him.

I learned his name is Wyot Dalibor.

The person leading powerhouses from Mount Kapron is Wyot.” “Wyot Dalibor?” James almost fell off his chair from shock.

Intrigued, Wynton asked, “Are you sure his name was Wyot Dalibor? Do you have a portrait of him?” Wynona gently waved his hand, and a portrait appeared before them.

After seeing the portrait, James and Wyot instantly turned to each other.

James gently massaged his forehead and said solemnly, “What’s happening? Why is Mount Kapron also getting involved? This is troublesome.” Wynton asked, “What’s your plan, James?” James thought awhile and said, “I doubt a powerhouse at the Chaos Rank will get involved in a battle between juniors.

Even if the Kapron District’s Leader shows up, we shouldn’t be afraid.

I have Yardos backing me up, and Waleria has the Theos District’s Leader behind her.

He would have to think twice about the consequences before interfering in our matters.” Waleria nodded and said, “He’s right.

A powerhouse at the Chaos Rank would not get involved in the conflict between districts.” With her reassurances, James sighed in relief.

He instructed, “ Find out all the details about Wyot and his group of powerhouses.

I want to know how many powerhouses he brought and whether we stand a chance against them.

Wynona and Zula headed out to investigate the details of Mount Kapron’s powerhouses.

The Aeternus Sect’s overall strength was mediocre.

Thus, James was capable of obliterating them alone.

His goal was to figure out how many powerhouses were with Wyot and whether they could take immediate action against the Aeternus Sect.

In the back of the spiritual mountain, James and Wynton met up.

James rubbed his chin and said, “Wyot came to the Aeternus Sect for their sacred scroll.

Did he come to the Nine Districts to find the nine sacred scrolls?” Wynton nodded and said, “That’s possible.” James suddenly recalled something and asked, “He’s a disciple of the Kapron District’s Leader and has become Mount Kapron’s Lord.

Could he have already obtained the Kapron District’s sacred scroll? Are we able to snatch the sacred scroll from him?” “We can capture him, then ask about it.

However, Wyot isn’t an easy opponent,” said Wynton.

With a faint smile, James said, “I defeated him before.

I’m sure I can do it again.” James was confident in his strength.


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