The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4794

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4794-After Wynton was freed from his seal, he heard rumors about James’ actions in the Dooms’ territory.

He also knew that Yemima had given birth to a son named Carson Dalibor.

Waleria was intrigued and asked, “What’s the story between them? I’d like to hear about it.” “Td rather not run my mouth.” Wynton quickly dismissed the topic.

Meanwhile, Wyot hovered in the Endlos Void.

He stared at James in the distance and was boiling with anger.

Even if he were to kill James, his fury would not diminish.

However, he prioritized obtaining the sacred scrolls.

He decided to spare James’ life for now.

Despite that, he wanted to cause James a bit of suffering.

Wyot immediately mobilized all his strength, and his aura improved significantly.

Then, a bright, long sword appeared in his hand.

He immediately unleashed the Chaos’ Nine Voice’s First Tone.

Terrifying sound waves gathered to form a substantial Sonic Sword Energy.

The Sonic Sword Energy released a strange sound and shattered the Endlos Void.

“This?” Waleria was stunned.

“Why does he know this sword technique?” The powerhouses that had seen James display the Chaos’ Nine Voices before were surprised.

Everyone began wondering why Wyot also knew the same sword technique.

| James, on the other hand, was equally surprised.

He pondered, ‘ He’s going all out right away?” He knew how terrifying Wyot was and did not dare to be careless.

He summoned the Chaos Sword and cast the same technique.

Boom! The two Sonic Sword Energies clashed and caused a massive explosion.

The explosion’s shock waves continued to spread out.

Soon, it reached James and Wyot.

Wyot leaped and bypassed the shock waves, instantly appearing in front of James.

Then, he immediately unleashed another Sonic Sword Energy.

James followed with the same technique.

The Sword Energies clashed again.

This time, James was blown away.

A terrifying force permeated the Chaos Sword and snaked into James’ body.

His Blood Energy churned, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“T underestimated him.” James was slightly careless and got injured.

He summoned his power again and enhanced his strength.

Wyot continued to attack.

The two fought fiercely in the Endlos Void.

From the First to the Ninth Tone, Wyot consecutively used the Chaos’ Nine Voices against James.

However, James managed to block all his attacks.

Wyot decided to try another move and fused the Nine Tones into Sword Energy.

The Sword Energy pierced through the Endlos Void.

James also did the same.

Rumble!!! The two terrifying Sonic Sword Energies constantly destroyed the Endlos Void.

The spectators were surprised.

Wyot cursed out, “Fucking bastard!” The Chaos’ Nine Voices was a signature skill of the Dooms.

However, James obtained the Chaos Sacred Art by impersonating him.

At that moment, his hatred toward James deepened.

The power of the various Paths of heaven and earth emerged from his body, significantly improving his energy.

His Spiritual Power was also boosted, and his Thousand Paths Holy Body was awakened.


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