The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4795

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4795-With the awakening of his Thousand Paths Holy Body, Wyot concentrated the various Path Powers of heaven and earth to form Chaos Power.

Wyot’s aura was incredibly terrifying.

He would not be afraid even if he faced a powerhouse at the Quasi Chaos Rank.

Waleria fixed her gaze on Wyot.

“His power…” She thought, ‘Isn’t it the power James used before?’ Waleria was not expecting Wyot to have the same power.

“Impressive.” James was surprised at Wyot’s overwhelming aura.

James no longer held back and quickly activated his Thousand Paths Holy Body.

Then, he also merged his Path Powers into Chaos Power.

After Wyot enhanced his aura, James followed suit using the same technique.

Everybody watching the battle was confused and began speculating about the relationship between James and Wyot.

Swoosh!!! Wyot held a long sword, and a substantial Sword Energy that contained the power of the Chaos’ Nine Voices emerged.

However, James could not identify which of the Nine Tones was used.

The Sword Energy pierced through the sky.

James immediately sensed the void around him being sealed, making it hard to move an inch.

He quickly racked his brains and remembered that Xezal mentioned that the Chaos’ Nine Voices were the basics of cultivating the Chaos Sacred Art.

The Chaos’ Nine Voices’s Tones could be arranged in different combinations and used with secret arts to unleash unique power.

Suddenly, Wyot charged at him and thrust his sword at James.

James had an exceptional physical body.

Moreover, he had the power of heaven and earth protecting his body.

However, Wyot was the same.

He mobilized his Chaos Power and the Chaos’ Nine Voices to break through James’ defenses.

Wyot withdrew his sword, and blood spurted out of James’ chest.

Then, he slashed with his sword, unleashing countless Sword Energise.

James’ body was instantly riddled with holes.

“Break!” James roared furiously.

His Blood Energy surged violently, and a white halo emerged from his body.

James had entered the Omniscience Path, significantly improving his Spiritual Power.

He instantly broke free from the seal, then cast the Blithe Omniscience to appear behind Wyot.

Then, he jabbed his sword at Wyot.

1 Wyot was blasted away by the terrifying force and spat a mouthful of blood.

The powerhouses spectating the battle were startled.

Initially, they had no expectations for the battle.

They were simply interested because it was a conflict between the Verde Academy and Mount Kapron.

Unexpectedly, James and Wyot both displayed terrifying strength.

Both of them unleashed powers that were not much inferior, or perhaps even more potent, to that of a powerhouse at the Quasi Chaos Rank.

Wyot thought to himself, ‘What a difficult opponent.’ He expected to be able to overpower James.

However, he could not defeat James even after unleashing many of his signature skills and mobilizing his Chaos Power.

Even worse, he was injured, Wyot forcibly activated the incomplete Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra.

Kapron Power emerged from his body.

Since the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra was incomplete, his Kapron Power was also unstable.

Wyot forcibly activated Kapron Power and merged it with his Chaos Power.

After fusing the two forces, Wyot struggled to control it.

His face distorted in pain as he roared, “Die!” He quickly appeared above James, clenched his fists, and swung at James’s head.


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