The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4785

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4785-Meanwhile, James’ party gathered on a spiritual mountain within Aeternuston. After a brief discussion, they decided to break into the Aeternus Sect and destroy them. If Wyot stood in their way, they would fight. They were certain Wyot would retreat after realizing the disparity in strength between their parties.

However, Saachi could not show her actual appearance during battle. Instead, they planned to let her reveal her identity at the end of the battle and personally kill Devin to avenge her family. Meanwhile, the rest of the group would use their real appearances.

James’ party arrived outside the Aeternus Sect’s mountain gate. Standing in the lead was James, followed by Waleria, Zula, Wynona, and Wynton.

Saachi stood at the end, her face covered with a veil. As soon as they arrived outside the Aeternus Sect, a murderous aura emerged from her body. She looked toward the mountain gate, and her body trembled. She had been waiting for this day for so long.

Back then, she forcefully moved an entire universe so her family and loyal guards could survive. However, everyone she had saved ended up dead. She had already lost hope of taking revenge, yet she was finally back at the Aeternus Sect.

‘Who’s there?” A rumbling voice resounded.

Hundreds of Aeternus Sect’s disciples walked out of the mountain gate. They stopped in front of James’ part, wielding their long swords.

Before James could speak, Saachi stepped forward and stood opposite the hundreds of disciples.

“I’m the one that will take your lives,” Saachi said coldly.

She summoned a dazzling longsword and took a step forward. A shadowy clone emerged and circled the hundreds of disciples. The next moment, the clone merged back into Saachi’s body.

The group of disciples toppled to the ground in a pool of blood.

The Aeternus Sect was the most potent force in the Aeternus Sect and was acknowledged as the ruler of the Aeternus District. The disciples within the sect were exceptionally strong. Yet, they could not withstand even one attack from Saachi, a powerhouse at the Caelum Boundless Rank.


Substantial Sword Energy emerged from Saachi’s sword and shot out toward the formation that protected the Aeternus Sect.


The formation fluttered, and a few spiritual mountains began to shake. Immediately afterward, a few of the mountains collapsed.

The massive incident immediately aroused the attention of those within Aeternuston.

‘W-What’s going on?!!”

‘Who is bold enough to attack the Aeternus Sect’s formation?”

Everyone within Aeternuston stared at the Aeternus Sect. They released their Zen and observed the situation outside the Aeternus Sect’s mountain gate.


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