The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4786

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4786-Saachi’s attack on the Aeternus Sect’s formation immediately attracted a lot of attention.

The powerhouses within Aeternuston were shocked and wondered who would be so bold to attack the Aeternus Sect, the most potent force of the Aeternus District.

“You must have a death wish.” A furious voice came from inside the Aeternus Sect.

Immediately afterward, a spectral figure emitting a terrifying aura rushed out.

Saachi swiftly unleashed a potent Sword Energy and attacked him.

The clone that had appeared belonged to an elder of the Aeternus Sect. He was a powerhouse at the late stage of the Caelum Acme Rank. With his strength, a clone of his stood no chance against Saachi and was shattered instantly.

“Chaos is about to break loose in the Arternus Sect!”


‘This universe will be destroyed if an intense battle breaks out!”

After seeing Saachi take action, a few of the powerhouses in Aeternuston immediately evacuated and left the universe. After entering the Endlos Void, they continued watching the events happening in the Aeternus Universe.

Meanwhile, the elder that had sent out a clone of his spat out a mouthful of blood.

Wyot and a few of Mount Kapron’s powerhouses gathered on another spiritual mountain.

An elder asked, “Sir Wyot, a group of powerhouses have shown up outside the Aeternus Sect and are causing quite a scene. Do we step in?”

Wyot waved his hand and said, “There’s no rush. Let’s observe for now. Our main priority is the Aeternus Mantra. The Aeternus Sect’s survival has nothing to do with us.”

However, Wyot’s expression lit up after he spotted James and Wynton while checking on the situation outside the mountain gate.

“It’s you? I’ve been looking for you for a very long time, James. You’ve finally shown up.”

After a brief moment of excitement, Wyot’s face darkened.

Wyot had challenged James before but was defeated. He was severely injured after the battle and had to enter seclusion to recuperate. By the time he had fully recovered, James had already disappeared.

He searched everywhere within the Chaos District but found no traces of James. Back then, he wanted to launch an attack on the Human Universe. However, a powerhouse appeared and stopped him.

Teresa never disclosed to him that James had left for the Endlos’ Nine District. Thus, he was not aware of it.

“Don’t act rashly. Let’s watch what James is trying to do.” Wyot’s grim expression relaxed, and a scheming smile appeared on his face. “Let the fun begin. I’m going to enjoy this, James.”

Daffron was slightly surprised. He frowned and said, “James from the Verde Academy’s Tempris House? Why would he come to the Aeternus Sect?”

‘The Verde Academy’s Tempris House?” Wyot was slightly startled.

Daffron explained, “Yeah. The man outside the mountain gate is James Caden, the Head of Tempris. He is accompanied by a powerhouse called Waleria. She’s the Theos Sect’s Grand Sect Elder and Tempris House’s Elder. She’s at the Quasi Chaos Rank. There’s another woman called Zula. She’s also at the Quasi Chaos Rank.”

After learning about Waleria and Zula’s cultivation ranks, Wyot’s expression became solemn.

“Bastard.” Wyot clenched his fists.

As Mount Kapron’s Lord, Wyot thought he could toy with James easily. Little did he know that James was accompanied by terrifying powerhouses.

Two powerhouses at the Quasi Chaos Rank would be a difficult problem. Even Daffron would not be able to take them on. Unless his teacher, the Kapron District’s Leader, took action, capturing James would be incredibly tough.

After a brief thought, Wyot said, “We shouldn’t recklessly get involved. Let’s withdraw from the Aeternus Sect. Head to the Endlos Void and observe them for now.”

Following Wyot’s order, the powerhouses evacuated and entered the Endlos Void.

Meanwhile, the Aeternus Sect’s leader, Devin, was cultivating in a forbidden area behind their main mountain. After sensing their formation being attacked, he was furious.

“What’s going on? Everyone is coming to target us. Do they think the Aeternus Sect is an easy target?”

Devin and the powerhouses of the Aeternus Sect immediately gathered in their main hall.

“Sir Devin.”

As soon as Devin entered the main hall, everyone greeted him.


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