The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4787

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4787-An elder quickly stepped forward, clasped his hands, and reported, “A group of powerhouses has shown up outside our mountain gate, and one of them has attacked our formation.”

“Hmph.” Devin snorted.

He immediately disappeared from the main hall and teleported outside the mountain gate. Upon arrival, he noticed James’ party and the incredibly hostile Saachi.

The Verde District was relatively far from the Aeternus District. Devin hardly paid attention to the outside world’s affairs. Even when the Verde Academy invited him to their succession ceremony for their new Head of Tempris, he ignored it. Therefore, he was unaware of who James was.

However, he recognized Waleria from the Theos Sect. He immediately frowned upon seeing her.

“The Theos Sect’s Grand Sect Elder?” Devin clenched his fists and said coldly, ‘The Aeternus Sect has no feud with the Theos Sect, so what is the meaning of this?”

Waleria waved her hand and said nonchalantly, “I’m just here to watch, not to fight.”

She could sense Mount Kapron’s powerhouses had left the universe. Waleria was not afraid to be contaminated with karma for a friend’s sake. Although she wanted to fight, it was a matter for Saachi to resolve herself. Therefore, she chose not to interfere.

Waleria pulled Zula aside and said, “We should leave this matter to James and Saachi.”

After speaking, she cast a glance at Wynton, but he hesitated.

Waleria reassured him, ‘There’s nothing to worry about.

James and Saachi are strong enough to wipe out the Aeternus Sect.”

“Alright.” Wynton nodded.

Then, they left the scene. Even James’ loyal follower, Wynona, withdrew from the battlefield.

They appeared outside the universe and watched from the Endlos Void.

James cursed, “What the f*ck? That wasn’t the plan we agreed on. How could they just leave?”

Despite his dissatisfaction, James knew he could not back down anymore.

An elder whispered, “Sir Devin, that’s the current Head of Tempris, James Caden.”

“Isn’t Wael the Head of Tempris? When did this brat become the head?” Devin was confused.

He glared at James and Saachi.

“Young lady, James. I’ve no grudges with you, so why have you attacked us? If you don’t give me a proper explanation, I’m not letting you leave here alive.”

“Pfft,” Saachi sneered and taunted, “How are you sure you’ll be walking away alive?”

“Who the hell are you?” Devin glared at Saachi.

Saachi slowly removed the black veil covering her face, then morphed back into her actual appearance.

“Saachi?” Devin was slightly startled after seeing Saachi. He burst out laughing, “Haha! I’ve been searching high and low for you. I wasn’t expecting you to show up.” He raised his head, looked to the Endlos Void, and shouted, “Sir Wyot, the Aeternus Mantra is in her hands.”

Devin’s voice reached the Endlos Void.

Wyot was ecstatic at the news. However, Waleria, Zula, Wynton, and Wynona suddenly appeared around him.

Waleria glanced at the eager Wyot and said calmly, “You better not act rashly. If you insist, you should consider whether Mount Kapron’s powerhouses can defeat two powerhouses at the Quasi Chaos Rank and another two at the Caelum Boundless Rank.”


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