The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4804

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4804-Mount Hazeaf was a core region of the Hazeaf Universe.

It was an incredibly vast mountain range with countless spiritual mountains spanning three million light-years.

James looked at the towering mountains ahead and could sense abundant energy coming from them.

He exclaimed, “What a wonderful place.

As expected of the best district, this mountain range alone is stronger than the Aeternus District.” Waleria said, “Of course! Mount Hazeaf is owned by Lucius Lopez, the strongest in the Endlos’ Nine Districts.

The Aeternus District doesn’t even come close to Mount Hazeaf.

When you become the strongest of the Nine Districts, you can chase him away and occupy this place.” James murmured, “The strongest of the Nine Districts?” He pondered, ‘Would I ever reach such heights?’ James shook his head and dismissed his thoughts.

He quickly changed the topic, saying, “Let’s head over.” The group approached Hazeaf Sect’s mountain gate.

Acrowd gathered nearby, eagerly staring at the movements outside the mountain gate.

Everyone was curious to see what kind of powerhouses would be attending the Hazeaf Gathering.

Meanwhile, fully armed disciples with powerful auras stood on guard outside the mountain gate.

James’ group approached but was blocked by the disciples.

Acold voice questioned them, “Your invitations?” The disciples guarding the mountain gate did not let them through just because they had beautiful women with them.

“Invitations?” James was taken aback.

He turned to Waleria and asked, “Do we need invitations to attend the Hazeaf Gathering?” Waleria facepalmed and said, “I totally forgot it.

We do need invitations.

From what I know, the Hazeaf District only sent invitations to well-known powerhouses of the Nine Districts.

If you aren’t invited, you can claim an invitation to the Hazeaf Sect’s fortress in Hazeafburgh.

As long as you’ re strong enough, they’ll give you an invitation.” Since they came in a rush, Waleria had forgotten about the invitations.

The group left and headed to Hazeafburgh.

The Hazeaf Sect had many fortresses set up in Hazeafburgh, and many disciples were stationed at each location.

Outside every fortress was a long queue of cultivators who wanted an invitation to enter the Hazeaf Sect.

The Hazeaf Sect was the strongest in the Nine Districts.

Thus, James’ group behaved despite being powerhouses.

They joined the queue and waited for their turn.

Three thousand years later, they finally made it to the front.

The procedure was relatively simple.

Anyone who had reached the Caelum Acme Rank was eligible and was handed an invitation.

James and his comrades received their invitations and successfully entered the Hazeaf Sect.

Since they only had ordinary invitations, they were arranged ina relatively remote area.

The spiritual mountain was very far from the central region.

Countless independent courtyard houses were situated throughout the mountain and were occupied by cultivators at the Caelum Acme Rank.

After settling down, James’ group began to wait.

During this period, James was constantly on the lookout for Yardos ’ aura.

It was not until less than a thousand years before the opening of the Hazeaf Gathering that Yardos showed up.

As soon as Yardos arrived, James went to see him.

Yardos set up a formation around an independent manor.

James greeted him respectfully, “Sir Yardos.” Yardos waved his hand and said, “Drop the formalities.

Just call me Yardos.” James quickly corrected himself, saying, “Alright, Yardos.

How are things progressing on your side? Did you obtain the Welkin District’s sacred scroll?”


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