The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4805

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4805-Then, he boasted, “You shouldn’t doubt my abilities.” James was overjoyed and immediately rolled open the scroll.

After confirming it was the Welkin District’s sacred scroll, James asked, “How did you acquire it?” Yardos smiled and said, “I made a deal with the Welkin District’s Leader.” James asked, “What deal was it?” As a powerhouse at the Chaos Rank, the Welkin District’s Leader must know that the sacred scrolls are exceptional treasures.

James was curious about what Yardos had offered to the Welkin District’s Leader.

Yardos replied lazily, “The Welkin Disrict’s Leader had always been interested in my Blithe Omniscience.

So I gave it to him in exchange for a copy of their sacred scroll.” “What?!” James exclaimed.“You gave him the Blithe Omniscience for the sacred scroll? If he were to master the Blithe Omniscience, he’d be invincible.

Who in the Endlos’ Nine Districts will be able to kill him?” Yardos replied, “It isn’t a big deal.

I gave it to him because I’m confident.

I’m the founder of the Blithe Omniscience, so naturally, I can create a Supernatural Power to counter it.

Alright, enough about this.

What about your task?” James answered, “I’ve already established the Heavenly Court in the Aeternus District.

However, it’s still an unknown sect.

Nobody knows about it yet.” Yardos smiled and said confidently, “Don’t worry.

After the Hazeaf Gathering, everyone will know about the Heavenly Court.

With my current strength, I should be able to squeeze into the Chaos Ranking’s top three.

Perhaps, I might even be able to compete for first place.” James was slightly stunned.

He asked, “Did you reach the Omniscience Path’s Eleventh Stage?” Yardos smiled faintly but did not give a direct answer.

Instead, he said, “I’ll try to place in the top three on the Chaos Ranking and strive for first place.

Meanwhile, you must win first place on the Boundless Ranking.

We’ll surely make a name for ourselves with these results.” James replied smilingly, “I’m not planning to participate in the competition for the Boundless Ranking.

I’d like to enter the competition for the Chaos Ranking.

ct aoe ” Yardos was rendered speechless.

He was aware of James’ strength and was confident he could place first in the Boundless Ranking.

However, the Chaos Ranking was a more challenging fight.

He was surprised that James wanted to compete for a place on the Chaos Ranking.

Yardos looked at James, laughed, and said, “Not bad.

You have ambitions.

However, I still think you should compete for the Boundless Ranking.

Afterward, you can enter the competition for the Chaos Ranking as well.

The two rankings are separate anyway.” “Alright.” James nodded lightly.

“That’s all for today.

You should head back to rest, then wait for the gathering to begin.” Yardos waved his hand.

James got up and left.

He was excited to go through the Welkin District’s sacred scroll.

If he could cultivate Welkin Power, his ranking in the Chaos Ranking would definitely be higher.

Although less than a thousand years were left, James could easily travel through the River of Time.

Other cultivators feared being contaminated by karma when traveling through the River of Time, but he was not.

James returned to his residence and bumped into Waleria, who had come to see him.

“Where were you?” Waleria stood outside his door with her hands folded.

James replied, “Yardos has arrived, so I went to see him.” Waleria walked over and said, “I see.

The Theos Sect’s Leader has also arrived.

He wants to see you, so come with me.”


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