The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4806

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4806- “The Theos Sect’s leader wants to see me?” The Theos Sect’s leader placed second on the previous Chaos Ranking.

Although he was ranked lower than the Hazeaf District’s Leader, Lucius, he would not necessarily lose in a life-and-death duel.

James was puzzled and wondered why the Theos Sect’s Leader would want to see him since they had never met.

Waleria nodded lightly and said, “Yeah.

Come with me.” After a brief hesitation, James followed Waleria.

He was led to a spiritual mountain in the Hazeaf Sect.

The environment had abundant Empyrean Spiritual Energy and mysterious fruits.

Atop the mountain was a manor.

Aman Sat inside the living room of the manor.

In front of him was a stone table with a bizarre-looking Chessboard of Heaven and Earth.

“ve brought James, Sir.” Walria walked into the living room with James.

James looked at the Theos District’s Leader.

The Theos District’s leader was relatively young.

He had an ordinary appearance but emitted a very oppressive aura.

James clasped his hands and said, “It’s an honor to meet you, Sir.

I’m James Caden.” The Theos District’s leader was staring at the chessboard pensively.

Upon hearing James’ voice, he raised his head.

He pointed to the stone chair opposite him and said, “Sit.” James glanced at Waleria.

Walereia gently pushed him and whispered, “Just do as he says.” James sat down, and a powerful energy emerged from the chair.

The chessboard on the stone table suddenly released a strange light ray and enveloped Jams.

The scenery in front of James had changed.

He entered a strange world and was standing on a city wall.

He saw countless soldiers on horses galloping past him.

Soldiers practically surrounded the entire city.

The chants of soldiers echoed, making him feel uneasy.

At a glance, James knew everything around him was an illusion, and it was a game of chess.

He was pulled into the illusion and became one of the leader’s chess pieces.

Puzzled, James pondered, ‘Why would the Theos District’s leader transform me into a chess piece?’ He tried to leave the Chessboard of Heaven and Earth.

However, he was unable to escape even after using all his strength.

“What should I do?” James fell into thought.

“Tf you want to leave, you must break the Chessboard of Heaven and Earth.

The Ancestral Blood Master’s voice rang in his mind.

“T have to break it?” James frowned.

He summoned his long sword and rushed out of the city.

However, he was immediately surrounded by an army.

The soldiers were powerful and had strength on par with him.

He did not last very long before he was injured and forced to retreat into the city.

He was temporarily safe after returning to the city.

Many soldiers still surrounded the city, and it was impossible for him to leave the Chessboard of Heaven and Earth.


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