The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4807

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4807-After a while, James suddenly had an idea.

He converted everything around him into inscription rules, including the city and soldiers.

The complex inscriptions gradually converted into their simplest form.

James stood up, stretched out his hand, and tapped the air.

The inscriptions immediately collapsed, and he returned to reality.

He found himself still sitting on the stone chair.

Crack!!! When he regained consciousness, the chessboard on the stone table shattered.

The Theos District’s Leader suffered a backlash, and his body was knocked away, almost falling to the floor.

Sedris Caballero, the Theos District’s leader, sat upright and clapped.

He looked at James and admiringly said, “Impressive.

I was wondering why I couldn’t see through you and why I couldn’t completely integrate you into my chessboard.

So it seems you’re a player and not a chess piece.” “What are you talking about?” James frowned slightly, confused by his words.

However, Sedris did not explain.

He reached out his hand and said, “I heard you have a legendary sword.

Let me have a look.” James knew Sedris meant the Chaos Word.

He summoned it instantly and handed it over.

Although reluctant, he did not want Sedris to become suspicious.

Thus, he knew it would be better to let him have a look instead of showing hesitance.

The Chaos Sword released a terrifying aura and hummed, trying to escape his hands.

However, Sedris forcibly suppressed the Chaos Sword with his power.

After staring at it awhile, he handed the Chaos Sword back to James.

Sedris looked at James and said, “It’s a good sword with an exceptional origin.

If word about it were to spread, it’ll definitely cause turmoil.” “Ts that so?” James pretended to be surprised.

Sedris continued, saying, “The sword acknowledges you as its master.

You must have cultivated a sword technique that is compatible with it, right?” “Yeah.” James nodded lightly.

After thinking for a while, Sedris said, “I’m interested in your sword, but even more so in your sword technique.

I don’t want your sword, but I would like to have the technique you cultivate.

If you agree to pass it on to me, I’m open to offering you something of equal value in exchange.” Sedris had gone to the Chaos District before and knew how terrifying the Chaos’ Nine Voices was.

Back then, the Chaos Master killed Xuri, a powerhouse at the Quasi Chaos Rank, with his Heaven Piercing Sword Art despite being in a different district.

Sedris had also projected a clone of his into the Chaos District.

Therefore, he knew the Chaos Master was only at the Caelum Boundless Rank.

He was amazed by the Chaos Master’s signature skill.

Previously, he sent Waleria to the Yhala Realm to find Xuri’s body.

He wanted to study the lingering Sword Energy of the Chaos’ Nine Voices in her body.

“About that…” James slightly hesitated.

Waleria interjected, saying, “I’ve witnessed your sword technique before.

Although it’s strong, our sect also has many sword techniques.

If you pass it to my teacher, we’ll reward you handsomely.

By the way, weren’t you always interested in the Theos District’s sacred scroll?” James was grateful after Waleria brought up the sacred scroll.

He was unwilling to pass the Chaos’ Nine Voices to an enemy.

James was worried Sedris would thoroughly study the Chaos’ Nine Voices and no longer fear the Chaos District.

However, it would be beneficial if he could obtain the Theos District’s sacred scroll.

James looked at Sedris and asked, “Could you lend me the Theos District’s sacred scroll for some time? If you agree to my condition, I can pass and teach you the sword technique I obtained from the sword mound.”


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