The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4809

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4809-After a while, he waved his hand and said, “Alright, you’re dismissed.

I need to study the sword technique thoroughly.” Waleria turned around and left.

Meanwhile, James left the Hazeaf Sect.

Then, he headed out of the Hazeaf Universe.

James went to the Endlos Void and activated the power of his Time Path.

He appeared in the River of Time and went to a point in the past.

He planned to cultivate and prepare for the Hazeaf Gathering.

He had already cultivated Chaos Power, Verde Power, Eternal Power, and Kapron Power.

Now that he had obtained the Theos District and Welkin District’s sacred scrolls, that would make six powers.

He only had four more sacred scrolls to collect.

However, James knew the sacred scrolls were extraordinary existences.

The force birthed from combining two powers with the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra was already extraordinary.

He could not imagine how horrifying the force created by fusing six powers would be.

James murmured, “I wonder if I’ll be able to fight a powerhouse at the Chaos Rank by combining these six powers?” He slowly drifted through the River of Time.

After a while, he leaped out of it and appeared back in the Endlos Void.

As soon as he left the River of Time, Karma Power surrounded him and tried to drive him back to the future.

However, James was strong and proficient in the Karma Path.

Thus, he managed to suppress the Karma Power.

“No wonder powerhouses don’t dare travel through the River of Time.

The Karma Power attracted is very potent.

It’s understandable why they want to avoid it.” After James suppressed the Karma Power, he took a deep breath.

He had traveled ten epochs back into the past.

James set up an isolation and time formation around him.

After he was prepared, he took out the sacred scrolls and reviewed them.

Then, he spent years focusing on cultivating his time formation.

At the same time, he continuously improved his cultivation base.

Countless years passed in a flash.

James successfully cultivated Theos Power and Welkin Power.

Out of the ten powers, he already possessed six.

His cultivation rank had also improved to the late stage of the Caelum Acme Rank.

After he was done cultivating, he dispersed the time formation.

He sensed his surroundings and found not much time had passed.

He stretched his body and had a calm expression.

“Now that I’ve cultivated six of the sacred scrolls’ powers, I should be able to take on a powerhouse at the Chaos Rank, right?” James was not sure either.

He had never fought a powerhouse at the Chaos Rank, so he had never experienced their strength before.

However, he was about to find out very soon.

He was going to make a name for himself in the Hazeaf Gathering.

If Yardos could win first place, James was confident he could also make it into the top ten.

It would be beneficial] to Heavenly Court if two members were ranked in the top ten in the Chaos Ranking.

James roared, “My era is about to begin!” He activated the power of the Time Path and entered the River of Time, returning to the future.


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