The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4821

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4821-Once James withdrew from the battlefield, Zeno asked, “James, are you okay?” James wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and replied, “ I’m fine.

I didn’t think Warner was that good, so I wasn’t careful and got a minor injury, but there’s nothing to worry about.” “That’s good,” Zeno said with relief and then pulled James aside.

“ Let’s seize the moment during their battle to breach the formation and explore the ruins.

We may uncover valuable treasures.” “No need to rush,” James said calmly.

He kept his eyes on the distant battlefield.

In the midst of the battle, Warner’s aura was truly formidable.

His aura even surpassed that of some Quasi Boundless Rank powerhouses.

However, Wael showed no fear while facing Warner.

He calmly stroked his beard and wore a smile as he remarked, “It’s beena while since I roamed through the Nine Districts.

Do these young folks nowadays have no idea of their place?” “Tl send you on your way, old man.” Warner launched an attack immediately.

Wael met it head-on.

Intense fighting broke out in the area, and the powerful shockwaves pushed back the living beings nearby.

Right from the beginning of the battle, Wael had the advantage over Warner.

James felt relieved when he saw this.

He was confident that Wael was stronger than Warner.

“Let’s go check out the formation,” James said.

He used the Blithe Omniscience and instantly appeared outside the ruins.

In the central area of the ruins, a mysterious source emitted a bright and dazzling white light.

James attempted to sense it using Zen, but the formation blocked his ability to examine it.

Soon, Zeno appeared.

He stared at the formation for a while, but he could not grasp its nature.

He turned to James and asked, “Can you break this formation?” James observed the formation for amoment and said, “This formation is ancient and complex, but it isn’t too difficult to break.

Just give me some time.

I’l] break it.” “Okay, I’ll wait for you,” Zeno said with a hint of excitement.

James set up a time formation around himself.

Boom! As the formation was being set up, a tremendous shockwave swept through the area, causing his time formation to collapse in an instant.

At the outer edges of the ruins, several Spatial Black Holes appeared.

They exuded a terrifying gravitational pull capable of swallowing everything.

Despite the horror of the black holes, Zeno stood near their edge.

He was unaffected by their pull.

James used his immense power to resist the gravitational pull of the Spatial Black Holes.

Advancing a short distance, he entered the region enveloped by the formation.

He sensed an overwhelming force emanating from it as he drew closer, akin to a powerful torrent pressing down upon him.

However, he relied on his formidable strength to withstand this force.

Then, he set up a time formation around himself and began working on breaking the formation.

Meanwhile, a crowd of living beings had gathered to watch the intense battle outside the battlefield.

“Why is Wael fighting with Warner?” “Tsk tsk, Warner is incredibly strong.

He can stand his ground even against Wael, who holds a cultivation rank higher.” “Not only is he holding his own, but he’s also putting Wael ina difficult situation.” “The Verde Academy powerhouse isn’t as impressive as we thought.” Numerous living beings, including several renowned powerhouses from the Nine Districts, had gathered outside the battlefield.

“No, you can’t say that,” one of them remarked.

“Back then, Wael had a really tough time due to the incident with the top disciple from Tempris.

His Cultivation Heart was nearly shattered, and he even dropped in cultivation rank.

It looks like he’s only just gotten back to where he was.” “That’s right,” another chimed in.

“I’ve witnessed Wael in his prime, and he was truly terrifying.” The powerhouses in the vicinity engaged in lively discussions.


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