The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4822

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4822-At the outset, Wael dominated Warner in both aura and strength.

Warner appeared unable to fight back at first, but it turned out he had not used his full strength yet.

Warner only truly grasped the terrifying might that Wael possessed upon facing the latter, hence unleashing his true strength.

His body radiated a golden light, and a terrifying aura emanated.

A massive golden bow appeared in his hand.

The bowstring was crafted from unique materials, giving it a peculiar quality.

With each pull of the bowstring, he unleashed relentless and powerful attacks, forcing Wael to constantly dodge.

For a fleeting moment, Wael was on the verge of defeat.

“Warner is incredibly strong.” “No wonder he held the third rank in the previous Boundless Ranking.

Even Wael is struggling against his attacks.” On the battlefield, Warner wielded the golden bow, seamlessly shifting positions as he launched relentless assaults against Wael.

The void shattered under the constant barrage of Path Arrows.

The arrows were so fast that they seemed to transcend time and solidify space.

Wael struggled to defend against them.

In a moment of carelessness, he was struck in the shoulder.

His shoulder exploded, and his arm was severed outright.

Wael blinked out of existence and reappeared in a distant area.

However, a Path Arrow streaked toward him before he could begin to heal.

It pierced through the void and struck him instantaneously.

He had no chance to evade them.

This arrow pierced through his bady, leaving a bloody hole.

Blood flowed incessantly, and the void shattered instantly.

“Go die.” Acold, emotionless voice echoed in the void.

Warner once again drew the string of his golden bow behind Wael.

His entire strength condensed into the Path Arrow.

As he released the bowstring, the arrow shot forth, splitting into two, then four, then eight…

In an instant, the entire void was filled with arrows.

The overwhelming arrows rained down, creating a terrifying spectacle.

Wael had lost an arm and sustained a bloody wound on his body, but he remained composed in the face of this formidable onslaught.

At this critical moment, he casually waved his hand, summoning countless inscriptions that rapidly converged to form a circular pattern.

This pattern served as a barrier, deflecting all the mysterious Path Arrows that came his way.

Wael’s aura surged after successfully repelling Warner’s assault, and with it, his severed arm and injuries healed.

The spatial pressure in the area instantly increased, causing the void to collapse.

Warner felt immense pressure within the space that made him uncomfortable.

He wanted to escape, but the void had been sealed, and his movements slowed considerably.

At that moment, Wael launched an attack.

He appeared in front of Warner, delivering a barrage of punches that left Warner’s body riddled with wounds.

The tide of battle had turned too swiftly.

Just moments ago, Warner had held the advantage, but now he found himself on the losing end, enduring grievous injuries.


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