The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4823

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4823-T’ve finally witnessed Wael’s signature skill, the Boundless Space.” “Wow, it’s incredibly powerful.” “Even Warner has to endure the immense pressure when trapped in the Boundless Space.

His speed naturally slows down as he resists the pressure, making him an easy target.” From the distance, powerhouses commented on this battle.

The Boundless Space was a signature skill created by Wael.

Once he unleashed this skill, anyone trapped within it would be ata severe disadvantage.

“This old man.” Warner was nearly powerless to fight back.

His face turned grim.

‘I never thought he would remain this formidable even after losing his cultivation rank.

Presently, we both hold the Caelum Boundless Rank, but the power of his Boundless Space is restraining me greatly.

If this persists, I’ll be at a distinct disadvantage.’ Countless thoughts raced through Warner’s mind as he contemplated escape.

Yet, with numerous powerhouses watching in this area, fleeing would imperil his future in the Endlos’ Nine Districts.

Crack! Another dreadful punch struck him, carrying an incredible force that broke his bones instantly.

“Break!” Warner was angry, causing his aura to surge once again.

However, the spatial pressure in the area intensified as his aura grew stronger.

The terrifying force tore through his flesh, leaving his body covered in countless cracks, from which blood oozed.

At this moment, Warner looked disheveled and battered.

Smack! Suddenly, Wael appeared in front of Warner and slapped him across the face.

“Pll spare you today out of respect for your master.

If you dare to be arrogant again next time, don’t blame me for not being polite.” After giving Warner a slap, Wael retreated to a distance and dispersed the Boundless Space.

Only then did the spatial pressure that Warner had been enduring finally dissipate.

Warner stared intently at Wael, his expression growing grimmer as he sensed Wael’s aura.

He asked, “You’ve recovered your strength?” He sensed Wael’s current cultivation rank, which was at the Quasi Boundless Rank.

However, at this moment, Wael’s aura underwent an abnormal change.

“This isn’t right,” Warner exclaimed in fear.


you’ve entered the Chaos Rank?” Wael smiled faintly and replied, “I was just playing with you earlier.

Did you truly believe you could harm me?” “Phew!” Warner gasped in shock.

“Ts there another Chaos Rank powerhouse in the Endlos’ Nine Districts?” In the distance, many powerhouses were dumbfounded.

“Wael has entered the Chaos Rank?” “When did he step into the Chaos Rank?” “This doesn’t make sense.

Yardos’ aura spread throughout the Nine Districts when he entered the Chaos Rank, and almost all the powerhouses here sensed it.

Why didn’t anyone sense Wael’s aura when he entered the Chaos Rank?” “He must be hiding something deep.” “Verde Academy has given birth to a Chaos Rank powerhouse.

The Endlos’ First District is about to change its leader.” “Yes, Verde Academy boasts the strongest overall strength among the Endlos’ Nine Districts, but it has never had a Chaos Rank powerhouse lead it.

With Wael’s ascent to the Chaos Rank, the strength of the Verde District will undoubtedly surpass that of Theos, Welkin, and the Hazeaf District.

It’s poised to claim the first place in the Endlos’ Nine Districts.” Many powerhouses were filled with astonishment after sensing Wael’s aura.

However, Wael only leaked a fraction of his aura before retracting it.


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