The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4828

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4828-While at a distance, an illusory palm was dragging Warner.

Warner could not break free no matter how hard he struggled.

His face turned ashen, with veins bulging on his forehead, and his expression twisted into a fearsome grimace.

He exerted all his strength to escape.

However, the illusory palm was too terrifying.

In the distance, everyone was stunned.

“How is this possible?” “This is Warner, the third-ranked powerhouse from the previous Boundless Ranking.

How could he be so easily controlled now?” It was unbelievable to all witnessing it.

“Let me go!” warner roared.

“If you’re capable, release me and let’s have a battle for thirty thousand rounds!” Being the third-ranked powerhouse on the Boundless Ranking, he had never endured such humiliation before.

With numerous living beings present, it would be challenging for him to uphold his reputation in the Endlos’ Nine Districts if this news were to spread.

‘James must die!’ A surge of murderous intent rose within him.

The surrounding living beings would only forget this scene once James had died.

“Hmph,” James smiled faintly and released Warner.

The moment Warner was deliberated, a golden bow materialized in his grasp.

He exerted all his strength to draw the bowstring taut.

Instantly, the Path Arrow lined up on the bowstring.

Whoosh! The radiant bowstring shot out.

James stood unwavering in the void, observing the arrow hurtling towards him.

He raised his hand, and his palm continued to enlarge.

The arrow collided with the enlarged palm print.

Boom! The void where the palm print was located collapsed directly, yet James’ palm remained unscathed.

“Impossible!” Warner exclaimed upon witnessing the scene.

“ This can’t be possible.

You’re only in the late stage of the Caelum Acme Rank…” His voice grew fainter with each word.

He had already accepted this fact in his heart although he vocalized his disbelief.

With a flick of his hand, James’ illusory palm transformed and struck Warner’s face squarely, sending his body spinning through the void.

His face swelled up instantly, and moments later, a mouthful of blood, mixed with several shattered teeth, spewed forth.

James continued to wave his palm, while Warner found himself repeatedly slapped.

Despite his desire to resist, a formidable force had already locked onto him, rendering any resistance futile.

It felt as though any movement would tear him apart.

The sight left the distant living beings utterly bewildered.

“Ts this really Warner, the third-ranked on the Boundless Ranking?” “This is too incredible.” Nobody could have imagined that Warner would be so utterly defenseless.

After delivering a severe lesson to Warner, pounding him until half of his head was a pulpy mess, James dispelled his six powers.

As his aura gradually diminished, he looked at the barely conscious Warner and said, “Is being the third-ranked on the Boundless Ranking truly that remarkable? Remember, there’s always someone better out there.”


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