The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4829

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4829-In the next moment, he had already reappeared by Zeno’s side at the edge of the formation.

As for Warner, he had undergone a stern lesson from both Wael and James.

It was the most frustrating experience he had encountered since he began his cultivation.

He wanted revenge and to eliminate James.

However, a chill ran down his spine every time he thought of James’ displayed strength.

He did not linger in this area for long and quickly escaped with his subordinates.

Countless living beings gasped in shock.

“He’s too powerful.” “The first place on the Boundless Ranking now belongs to James.” “The gathering hasn’t even commenced, and James has already emerged.

Who knows if there are any other freaks waiting to appear.” Countless living beings discussed.

“Impressive,” Zeno raised his thumb in praise, “It’s truly incredible that you’ve cultivated six types of Ten Path Techniques.

You should know that since Emperor Raiah, no living being has been able to cultivate more than two types of power.

Yet, you possess six.

Given time, you will undoubtedly become the top powerhouse in the Endlos.” “Aren’t you losing your memory? How do you know what I’m using?” James looked at Zeno with a puzzled expression.

“Huh?” This question left Zeno stumped.

“Yeah, how do I know?” He looked puzzled and said, “I naturally knew when I watched you fight.” James was skeptical of this forced explanation.

He wondered if Zeno was pretending, but it did not seem like an act.

At this moment, a voice spoke out, “Fellow.” James turned to see an elderly man walking through the void.

He wore a gray robe, his gray hair framing a face full of wrinkles, yet radiated a powerful aura.

James gave him a casual glance and said, ““What’s up?” The man smiled and said, “I am the Grand Sect Leader of the Sky Sword Sect, and I have a granddaughter who is a rare talent that our sect hasn’t seen in generations.

She secured the eighth rank in the last Boundless Ranking.” “Oh,” James responded nonchalantly.

He had heard of the Sky Sword Sect.

It was the strongest sect in the Sky District.

Its current sect leader also served as the district leader of the Sky District, boasting a cultivation rank that reached the Quasi Boundless Rank.

“My granddaughter is quite arrogant, which has caused her not to marry yet.

Would you be interested, my fellow?” The Grand Sect Leader of the Sky Sword Sect lightly stroked his beard and smiled as he asked.

James’ eyes rolled.

He had no interest in the so-called Heavenly Beauty of the Sky Sword Sect.

What piqued his curiosity was the Sky Sword Sect’s sacred scroll.

He changed the subject, saying, “I’d be pleased to meet her if the opportunity arises.” James wasn’t overly concerned about the remaining sacred scroll.

Following this gathering, his name would resound throughout the Nine Districts.

With his strength and fame, it would not be difficult to gain access to the sacred scrolls of the other districts.

Once he had access to the sacred scrolls of the remaining four districts, he would be able to cultivate ten powers.

At that point, he could finally practice the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art.

“Good,” the Grand Sect Leader of the Sky Sword Sect wore a smile on his face.

“It’s settled, then.

You must come and visit the Sky Sword Sect after this gathering ends.” “Absolutely,” James replied with a smile.

Immediately, other powerhouses approached.

“Fellow, we also have a heavenly beauty in our sect who would be a perfect match for you.” “Fellow, with your strength, how can just one woman be enough? Our sect has a pair of twin heavenly geniuses, and both of them are stunning beauties.

What do you think? Would you like me to introduce them?” Numerous powerhouses came forward, each eager to introduce their sect’s talented women to James.

In a short span, dozens of living beings were keen on arranging marriages between their sect’s women and James.

James nonchalantly agreed, promising to visit their sects when he had the time.

After expending a lot of effort and words, he finally dismissed the living beings who had approached him to establish connections.

“Enough, stop with these useless things.

It’s time to enter the formation.” Zeno could not wait any longer.


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