The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4830

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4830-The ruins had been appearing for quite some time now.

The white light emanating from within them had drawn the attention of the living beings in this area.

However, none of these living beings had dared to step foot inside during the previous battles.

The battle came to an end, James did not drive others away as Warner had done.

This caused numerous living beings to gather outside and study the formation.

Zeno was growing impatient and tugged at James, urging him to enter the formation and search for treasures.

For Zeno, treasure hunting was secondary.

His main goal was to enter the formation and find some items left behind inside the ruins.

He wanted to use those items to deduce what had transpired in the distant past.

It was a journey to rediscover himself.

“Follow me,” James said without hesitation.

He advanced with measured steps, and with a single stride, he arrived at the location of the formation.

James glanced at the formation, with his hand raised, the mystical inscriptions appeared within his fingertips.

The inscriptions seamlessly integrated into the formation.

At that moment, a crack appeared in the formation.

James’ consciousness moved, bringing his body into the formation.

Zeno followed closely behind.

After entering the formation, there were not many changes in the surroundings.

It was a ruin, once a spiritual mountain that had been destroyed.

Within a particular ruin of this mountain, an unknown object emitted a radiant white light.

James quickly made his way towards the source of the white light with just a single step.

Zeno, who had followed him, wore an expression of astonishment.

James, too, was bewildered upon seeing that the source of the radiant light was nothing but a set of bones.

The bones were riddled with countless wounds.

Sword slashes, knife marks, and various fractures.

Many parts were damaged.

Upon witnessing this scene, James was filled with surprise.

He had thought that the radiant light indicated a rare treasure, but it turned out to bea set of bones.

He exchanged a glance with Zeno.

“What’s going on?” James asked.

Zeno shrugged.

“I have no idea.

It seems like these bones are sealed with a powerful enchantment, keeping them here.” He noticed some clues.

James, too, stared intently.

He did sense the presence of the seal.

Inside the bones, he could not sense any signs of life, but there was a palpable, unsettling power.

Despite the long passage of time since the owner of these bones had perished, the bones still held a disquieting power within.

“The owner of these bones must have been a Chaos Rank powerhouse in their lifetime,” James analyzed.

Zeno added, “Just don’t know which powerhouse sealed these bones in this place.

What can be confirmed is that this set of bones was sealed during the battle that took place before the birth of the Ten Districts.

I can’t tell if it’s the Extraterrestrial Demon or a living being from the Endlos.” “What should we do?” James asked Zeno.

“1’m confident I can break the seal restrictions around these bones, but as you mentioned, if this turns out to be the Extraterrestrial Demon, it could spell trouble if it escapes.” Zeno remained nonchalant.

“What’s the worst that could happen? Even if this being was once a Chaos Rank powerhouse, it has been dead for countless ages.

Its power is probably less than a hundredth of what it used to be.

If it truly is the Extraterrestrial Demon, we can suppress it.

Besides…” He changed the topic, saying, “I’m actually hoping it’s the Extraterrestrial Demon.

If it is, we might learn something about the origin of the Extraterrestrial Demon from these bones after we suppress it.” James cautioned, “Don’t blame me if things go awry.” Zeno responded, “I won’t.

Go ahead and open it up.”


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