The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4842

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4842-Zeno disappeared from the main hall, leaving James and Livie behind.

James scanned the empty palace hall. He never expected to encounter the remnant soul of a former powerhouse of the Ten Districts.

He had also discovered many secrets, including how Wynne had perished.

Although he was unsure of Wynne’s exact strength, he learned that Wynne’s sword mound became a stopping place for powerful swordsmen throughout the Nine Districts. Even the Chaos Master’s soul headed to the sword mound to leave behind his Supernatural Power.

Many acknowledged him as a powerful swordsman, yet he had to sacrifice his life against Livie. Ultimately, he failed to kill her and only managed to inflict severe injuries.

James only had a little strength left, but he was still as strong as a powerhouse at the Chaos Rank. He could only imagine how superior Wynne and the Three Extraterrestrial Demon Commanders were compared to his strength.

Shortly after Zeno had left, a new tombstone was set up on the spiritual mountain.

James and Livie stood in front of the tombstone.

Livie said softly, “Master, this has nothing to do with me.”

James had given her a new soul and life. Therefore, she was a totally different living being. Although she learned a lot about her body’s past life from Sancho, she felt unrelated to it.

“Let’s go.”

James said nothing more about the topic.

After they left, the seal around the palace was activated again.

James led Livie away from the dark zone.

His subsequent plan was to find the Boundless Tablet, enter the Boundless Battlefield, and wait for the arena battle to begin.

James activated his Blithe Omniscience. Surprisingly, Livie was able to keep up with his speed.

Fortunately, Zeno had left behind rune markings. Even with James’ strength, he would have gotten lost in the darkness.

After traveling for millions of years, they finally left the dark zone and appeared at an intersection of darkness and light.

They arrived at the city where James encountered Zeno.

It had already been two epochs since the gathering. James displayed impressive strength during his fight against Warner. As a result, his name had spread wide and far.

However, James disappeared after the battle. In the past two epochs, he had never appeared again.

The dilapidated city had become a popular stop for many living beings.

Ordinary cultivators were afraid to travel into the darkness to seek boons. Thus, they gathered in the city, chatting and observing the situation.

James and Livie appeared on the ancient road outside the city.

“It’s James!”

“You’re right. It’s James. He created a new sect called the Heavenly Court in the Aeternus District.”

“He obliterated the Aeternus Sect.”

James and Livie immediately became the center of attention.

A woman in a purple dress instantly rushed outside the city after sensing James’ aura.

“James.” She approached excitedly.

However, Livie suddenly stepped forward and unleashed a terrifying aura. Then, she quickly thrust her palm at Waleria.

Waleria was taken by surprise and could not react in time.

Livie’s palm struck her chest, and she was sent flying. She spat out a mouthful of blood, raining down on the ground.

Even though Waleria was a powerhouse, she was injured by

Livie’s attack.

“What are you doing?!!” James was startled.

“1-1 thought she had ill intentions toward you.” Livie lowered her head.

Many of the living beings in the city had witnessed the scene.


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