The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4843

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4843-“What just happened?”

“Was Waleria injured after being struck by one move?”

“Who’s that woman with blue hair?”

Everyone was curious about the identity of the woman standing next to James.

Waleria quickly regained her balance, but her brows furrowed in pain. She urged her strength and quickly treated her injuries.

Then, she walked over to James and shouted angrily, “What the hell, James? What was that for?”

James approached and explained apologetically, “I’m so sorry. This is my daughter, Livie Caden. She thought you were a threat and took action against you.”

James did not introduce Livie as a puppet or a subordinate.

It was hard to explain why he suddenly recruited a subordinate.

However, it would be more reasonable to introduce her as his daughter.

“Your daughter?”

Waleria looked at James doubtfully and asked, “It’s only been more than two epochs, but you suddenly have a daughter? Moreover, she’s already so strong?”

James explained earnestly, “I’ve had her a long time ago. She had only just recently left home to find me. Right, Livie?”

He turned to Livie.

Livie quickly answered, ‘Yeah. I’m sorry for hurting you.”

“It’s alright.” Waleria gently waved her hand. She was not so unforgiving as to hold grudges over trivial matters.

However, she was curious about James’ daughter. She pulled James aside and asked, “Is she really your daughter?”

“Of course. Who else could she be?”‘

“Who’s her mother?”

“I don’t think that concerns you, right?”

“Fine,” Waleria replied, disappointed.


At that moment, several other people walked out of the city.

It was Wynton, Wynona and Zula.

Livie instantly shielded James and glared at them warily.

James quickly stopped her, “Don’t do anything, Livie.”

He was worried Livie would take action against them. It would be troublesome if the others also got hurt.

“What’s going on?” Wynton glanced at James puzzledly.

James pulled Livie close and explained smilingly, “Let me introduce you to my daughter, Livie Caden.”

‘Your daughter?”

Startled, Wynton said, “Aren’t your daughters’ names Winnie and Xainte? When did you have another one?”

James said smugly, “I have countless women, so it’s no surprise I have an illegitimate daughter.”

Wynton rolled his eyes.

“Let’s head inside the city.”

James wanted to avoid talking about Livie, so he quickly put a stop to it and walked into the city.

Wynton and the others exchanged gazes, then followed behind James.

Waleria approached Wynton and asked, “You and James come from the same place, right? Is Livie really his daughter?”

Wynton replied perplexedly, “I’m not sure either. I only know about his other two daughters, Winnie and Xainte. He also has three sons, Jacopo, Noel, and…”

He suddenly paused.

Waleria asked curiously, “What’s the last one’s name?”

Wynton whispered, ‘You remember Wyot, right? James slept with Wyot’s wife, and they had a son called Carson. It’s the reason why Wyot hates James.”


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