The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4845

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4845-The woman in the black dress said with a smile, “You’re a lucky man to have so many beautiful women around you.”

Waleria said calmly, “Her name is Yoela Larkin. Which sect she belongs to is currently unknown. She was second only to Hafgan on the previous Boundless Ranking.”

James looked at Yoela and Hafgan. He was not expecting two top-ranked cultivators on the Boundless Ranking to come looking for him.

One of Hafgan’s subordinates suddenly stepped forward with clenched fists and said, “He’s only at the late stage of the Caelum Acme Rank. He can’t have defeated Warner. I’ll go teach him a lesson.”

“Get over here and accept your death.”

Hafgan’s subordinate was at the Caelum Boundless Rank. Despite that, his strength was much inferior to Hafgan.

Before James could respond, Livie had sprung into action.

A loud groan suddenly resounded, and the man was blasted into the distance.

After getting rid of the threat, Livie returned to James’ side.

Wynton and Waleria were taken aback.

Waleria was surprised that James’ daughter was so powerful, whereas Wynton wondered when James had

another daughter.

The man sent flying returned to Hafgan’s side. However, he immediately spat a mouthful of blood and toppled over.

“Please take revenge for me, sir…”

He uttered a few words with incredible difficulty. Then, his body disintegrated, and his soul dispersed into the air.

Hafgan’s face darkened. “How dare you touch a subordinate If

Before he could finish speaking, Livie suddenly appeared before him and swung her fist at him.

Livie did not use any fancy techniques or complicated inscriptions. Her attack consisted of pure physical strength. Yet, Hafgan, the number one on the previous Boundless

Ranking, was knocked away.

His body crashed into a mountain range in the dark zone.


The impact caused the mountain range to disintegrate and a bottomless pit to form. Cracks spread out from the ground toward the city, causing slight damage to the city’s outer regions.

Everyone who witnessed the scene was dumbfounded.

Hafgan was ranked number one on the previous Boundless Ranking and was the disciple of the Endlos’ strongest cultivator. Nonetheless, he was sent flying with just one blow from the beautiful blue-haired woman.

Everyone was curious about who Livie was and where she was from.

Yoela looked at Livie solemnly. She took a deep breath and said, “We’ll meet again, James.”

After leaving a few words, she disappeared.

Waleria, Wynton, Zula, and Wynona exchanged surprised gazes.

On the other hand, James was satisfied with Livie’s strength. With such a powerhouse with him, he could roam the Endlos’ Nine Districts without any worries.

“Let’s enter the city.” James walked toward the city, with Livie following closely behind him.

The others glanced at each other puzzledly and then followed after them.


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