The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4846

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4846-Many cultivators had repaired the dilapidated city somewhat, and it served as the temporary residence for many others. Waleria and the others also occupied a place to stay.

After entering an independent manor, James was immediately surrounded by his comrades.

Livie, on the other hand, maintained a distance from them. She knew these people were James’ friends, and she could not touch them without James’ orders.

Waleria placed her hands on her waists and said, “You better tell me the truth, James. Where did you find a powerhouse at the Chaos Rank like her?”

Livie was exceptionally powerful. Even though she never released her aura, her physical strength was enough to defeat Hafgan, who placed number one in the previous Boundless Ranking. Therefore, Waleria suspected Livie to be at the Chaos Rank.

Wynton said, “I know you very well, James. I know how many women and children you have. You’ve never had a daughter named Livie Caden.”

After being beaten up, Wynton held a slight grudge. Thus, he was siding with Waleria and wanted to get an answer from James.

Even Wynona, James’ loyal follower, also supported Waleria.

She said, ‘You shouldn’t hide it from us, Master. Tell us where you’ve been the past two epochs and how you met her.”

James was not sure how to explain himself. He could not reveal Livie’s past life as the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Commander. Otherwise, it would be very troublesome if word got out. He replied nonchalantly, “If you don’t believe me, then so be it. I have nothing to say.”

Waleria and the others kept pressing him about it, but James refrained from saying anything. Eventually, they gave up trying to extort an answer from him.

James said, “I’ll be going into seclusion. I’d like to cultivate so I can perform better on the Boundless Arena Battle.”

Meanwhile, a massive black tablet had appeared somewhere in the deepest parts of the dark zone.

The tablet was one million meters tall and hundreds of thousands of meters thick. The stone tablet was like a colossal mountain in the darkness.


A blurry figure appeared near the stone tablet.

The blurry figure slowly became opaque. It was a beautiful woman dressed in a white dress, emitting an extraordinary aura. She had a perfect face and an excellent figure.

It was none other than Xezal, who had separated from James after arriving in the Endlos’ Nine Districts.

Xezal was a clone of Teresa and the personal maid to the Doom Race’s Leader. She had existed since the Chaos District’s first Sky Burial. In the past, she had even guided the Grand Patriarch of Doom Race to cultivate the Chaos’ Nine Voices.

Teresa had always been a mysterious existence in the Chaos District, and nobody knew her true origin.

However, Wynton had a few speculations. Before the Chaos District’s Leader’s death, he ruled over the Endlos’ Ten Districts. He felt that Teresa was a descendant of the Chaos District’s leader. The Dooms, on the other hand, were left behind by the Chaos District’s Leader.

Xezal appeared before the Boundless Tablet. She leaped into the air and looked down to examine it.


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