The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4847

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4847-After briefly examining the Boundless Tablet, Xezal looked into the depths of the dark zone. She saw through the darkness and noticed that the seal in the depths showed signs of disintegrating.

Xezal murmured, “The seal seems to be weakening. Once it’s broken, the Extraterrestrial Demons will infiltrate again. Emperor Raiah had ordered his subordinates to go into seclusion and focus on cultivating to prepare for the impending war. He also instructed my father to take control of the Endlos’ Nine Districts. Now that my father is gone, it’s about time his subordinates appear.”

Xezal took a deep breath. Immediately afterward, she stretched out her slender arms. A few mysterious inscriptions emerged from her palm and submerged into the Boundless Tablet.

After completing the series of actions, she left the area.


As soon as Xezal left, the Boundless Tablet showed abnormalities. The mysterious inscriptions on it emitted dazzling light and illuminated the darkness.

Many cultivators instantly sensed the abnormality of the Boundless Tablet.

Somewhere in the Endlos was a spiritual mountain that had been sealed for countless years. On the spiritual mountain was an old man. After he sensed a familiar power, he flew into the sky.

“It’s the Boundless Tablet’s power. Emperor Raiah had left behind a message. If the Boundless Tablet shows an abnormality, it means the Extraterrestrial Demons are about to infiltrate very soon. He left a powerful boon within the Boundless Tablet. Whoever ranks number one on the Boundless Ranking can obtain it.”

The old man shouted, “Yvain Boudewijn, are you there?”

“I’m here, sir.” A man appeared out of the blue and knelt on the ground.

“Yvain, it’s time to leave this place. Head to the ancient battlefield and find the Boundless Tablet. Getting close to the Boundless Tablet will allow you to enter the Boundless Battlefield. You must place number one and obtain the boon left behind by Emperor Raiah.”


At that moment, several other cultivators that had stayed hidden for countless eons also sensed the Boundless Tablet’s abnormality. These cultivators were powerhouses that lived in seclusion and avoided moving around in the Endlos’ Nine Districts.

Instead of personally taking action, they sent their strongest disciples at the Boundless Rank to participate in the competition for the Boundless Ranking in order to obtain the boon left by Emperor Raiah.

In a dangerous place of the Endlos’ Nine District, a shirtless

man leaped into the sky and said, “The boon left by Emperor Raiah has appeared. The Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra is mine.”

His aura was terrifying and distorted the surrounding space.

Another cultivator in a different ancient Orthodox murmured, “The Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra has finally reappeared. After I master it and obtain the ten sacred scrolls, I’ll be the strongest in the Endlos.”

Many powerhouses at the Boundless Rank from hidden Orthodox began to appear. They had stayed in the Boundless Rank for a long time, waiting for this day to arrive. All of them were powerhouses capable of defeating cultivators at the Chaos Rank. Hafgan, the previous number one of the Boundless Ranking, was a mere ant in their eyes.

James, who was in cultivation, also sensed the Boundless Tablet’s powers. He immediately left seclusion and leaped into the sky.

His comrades were also floating above the city, staring into the dark zone.

Colorful rays illuminated the dark zone, allowing everyone to see the enormous black tablet and the mysterious scriptures circulating above it.

James was startled. ‘Those scriptures. Aren’t they from the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra”

He had cultivated the complete version of the Tenfold

Realms Transcendent Sutra. Therefore, he recognized that the scriptures were a complete version of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra at a glance.

Confused, James thought to himself, ‘Did Emperor Raiah leave the Boundless Tablet behind?’


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