The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4861

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4861-James’ every movement was under surveillance of the Hazeaf Sect’s powerhouses. However, he was completely unaware.

Lucius was slightly puzzled after sensing that James had left the ancient battlefield. He thought to himself, “Why is he leaving at a time like this? What is he trying to do?”

They planned to attract James and Yardos to the Chaos Battlefield. Then, they would kill Yardos and capture James. Their scheme would fail if James did not participate in the Boundless Ranking competition or enter the Chaos Battlefield.

After James returned to the Hazeaf District, he immediately looked for Saachi.

Saachi had possession of the Aeternus Mantra. News about the sacred scrolls had spread, and countless powerhouses from hidden Orthodoxes had emerged. These Orthodoxes would do anything to obtain the sacred scrolls. Thus, James was worried that Saachi would be in danger if she continued holding onto the Aeternus Mantra.

James found Saachi in a spiritual mountain within the Hazeaf Sect.

Saachi looked at James excitedly. “James? Why are you back already?”

James said solemnly, “A lot of things have happened recently. I came to see you because I was worried.”

Saachi’s heart felt warmed at his words. She smiled and said, “What could possibly happen to me?”

James explained, “The Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra has appeared, and the sacred scrolls’ secret has been exposed. It’s not safe for you to have possession of the Aeternus Mantra. I’m worried powerhouses trying to obtain the sacred scrolls will come after you.”

Saachi was easygoing about it. She said with a smile,” Although the Aeternus Mantra is a treasure, I can’t comprehend it. It’s of no use to me. If the situation calls for it, I’ll just hand it over to them.”

James was surprised by her reply. He said smilingly, “You’re pretty relaxed about it. Are you really willing to hand over such a great treasure to others so easily?”

“You need to do what you need to in critical moments.”

“I feel very relieved with your words. I’m a human from the Chaos District. Now that the Chaos District has reemerged, I’ll be going back for a while,” said James.

Although Saachi did not go to the ancient battlefield, she already knew about the Chaos District, the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, and the sacred books. However, she was unaware of James’ true identity and was surprised to learn the truth.

“Y-You’re from the Chaos District?”

James nodded and said, “Yeah. I don’t have time to waste.

Let’s talk when I come back.”

After leaving a few words, James left with Livie.

His purpose for returning to the Chaos District was for the Infinity Steles. He knew the Infinity Steles could form into the Boundless Pagoda. He had learned from Zeno that on the highest floor of the pagoda was the Endlos Heart, which powerful cultivators desperately wanted to obtain in order to become the Endlos Lord.

He was not sure whether Teresa already knew about it.

However, he had a strong feeling Teresa was unaware of the Endlos Heart’s whereabouts. Otherwise, she would have obtained it long ago and become the Endlos Lord, ruler of the Ten Districts.

James knew Thea was already on her way to the ancient battlefield. His traveling speed was much faster than hers. Thus, he might be able to return to the Endlos before Thea even arrived on the ancient battlefield.

However, Teresa’s subordinate had already been ordered to intercept Thea and anyone who came to find James.

James left the Hazeaf Sect and went to a nearby city. Then, he used a Teleportation Formation to leave the Hazeaf District.

The Hazeaf District was the core region of the Endlos, which made it the furthest from the Chaos District. Therefore, James wanted to travel to a closer district.

After he sensed the Chaos District’s location, he headed to the Aeternus District, which was the closest to the Chaos

District. Afterward, he arrived in a universe on the outskirts of the Aeternus District and activated the Blithe


Then, he traveled through the Endlos toward the Chaos District.


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