The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4862

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4862-The Endlos was vast and boundless. There was a total of ten districts within it. Each district had a Heavenly Path that governed over their universe’s various Heavenly Paths.

James quickly advanced through the Endlos with the Blithe Omniscience. After some time, he finally came close to the Chaos District.

He disappeared from the Endlos Void and entered the outer region of the Chaos District.

After sensing the familiar Chaos Heavenly Path, James was overjoyed. “It feels good to be home.”

James was in a good mood.

The Chaos District was extensive, but James arrived in the Human Universe almost instantly with the Blithe Omniscience.

The Human Universe was the fusion of dozens of universes and the former Primordial Realm.

James left the Infinity Seteles in the Human Universe, hoping another fated person could acquire it.

He sensed the Infinity Steles’ aura and found that nobody had obtained them. Instead, they had returned to the Infinity Cities.

The Boundless Road was a mysterious place. The Boundless Road was opened sometime in the past, and

everyone in the Human Universe was allowed to enter it. Throughout the Twelfth Universe’s history, countless cultivators at the Grand Emperor Rank had ventured to the place before and carved their names on the Inifinity Steles. However, nobody successfully acquired the Infinity Steles.

James appeared in the Boundless Road and arrived outside one of the Infinity City.

A few people from the Human Universe gathered inside the Infinity City. In the center of the city was the first Infinity Stele.

“Come.” James stretched out his hand.

The Infinity Stele immediately flew toward James and shrunk in size.

‘The Infinity Stele moved!”

“What just happened? Why did it move?”

‘Where did it go?”

Everyone in the Infinity City was confused.

Before they could figure out what had happened, James had already opened a passage to the second Infinity City.

He walked through the passage and arrived at the second city.

The second city was a complete copy of the first. The only difference was that there was nobody present. Those who had entered the first Infinity City could not travel through time. Thus, they could not enter the second Infinity City.

James quickly collected the second Infinity Stele. Then, he traveled back in time to the next city.

Soon, he had collected 108 of the Infinity Steles. He was already familiar with the scriptures on the Infinity Steles and fused them into the Boundless Pagoda without much effort.

James looked at the Boundless Pagoda, which acted as a defensive weapon for him in the past.

He entered the Boundless Pagoda and scanned his surroundings. The space inside the pagoda was relatively small, only spanning one thousand square meters. The total area would remain unchanged even if James shrunk or expanded the pagoda.


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