The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4868

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4868-James stood on Tribulation City’s wall and looked into the distance but could only see darkness.

The middle-aged man with tattered armor waved his hand, and the black mist dispersed. Ahead of them was a slightly damaged mountain region, and countless skeletal remains were scattered all over the area.

Among the skeletal remains were of humans, but most belonged to monsters.

James could see a group of unknown monsters densely packed together in the deepest part of the ancient battlefield and could even vaguely hear the monster’s roars.

“I was right.” James took a deep breath. He came to the city with speculations, and the sight had proved him right.

James asked solemnly, “What are the origins of these monsters?”

The middle-aged man replied, “They are from beyond the Endlos. These monsters are being constantly manufactured, and wiping them out is impossible. The mastermind producing them has to be taken out. In the deepest part of the Tribulation World is Tribulation City, which exists to seal off this passage and block out these monsters.”

James asked, “Is the final battlefield in the past?”

The middle-aged man did not explain. He looked at James and said, “Although you’ve grown much stronger, it’s not enough. You should head back first and focus on cultivating while it’s still peaceful. You’ll be joining the battlefield very soon.”

‘Then may I ask for your name?”

“I don’t remember my name. However, I am called the Emperor of Tribulation by the mortals. You can address me as so.”

James repeated the name in his mind. Although he wanted to understand these histories and the Extraterrestrial

Demons, he was called too weak by the powerhouses on the Boundless Road and the Emperor of Tribulation.

He thought to himself, ‘Am I really that weak? But I feel quite strong.’

James did not know how strong the hidden Orthodox in the Endlos’ Ten Districts were, so he was unsure about

defeating them. However, he felt confident against the other powerhouses.

“Can I also ask for the name of the powerhouse in the final Infinity City?” asked James.

James had asked the powerhouse in the Boundless Road’s final Infinity City for his name but did not get an answer.

The Emperor of Tribulation said smilingly, ‘That guy is very powerful. As for his name, it’s not for me to reveal. You’ll find out soon.

“You should leave first. This place is safe for now since

Tribulation City and I are here to guard it. Unless the Extraterrestrial Demon’s Great Commander from a different period shows up, Tribulation City will not collapse.”

The Emperor of Tribulation waved his hand and dismissed James.

James did not get the clarification he needed and was still very confused. However, he quickly left the Tribulation

World and returned to the Human Universe.

As soon as he reappeared, Livie, who had been waiting for him, called out, “Where did you go, Master?”

James did not explain himself but silently looked at Livie.

Livie was the Third Commander of the Extraterrestrial Demons, who existed in the same era as Emperor Raiah.

Extraterrestrial Demons from many different eras were attacking the Endlos with the same goal-to conquer the Endlos.

Livie played a very small role.

James was curious about the real masterminds’ strength.

Livie took a few steps backward and asked, “Why are you staring at me, Master?”

James snapped out of his thoughts and said calmly, “You’re supposed to call me dad.”

“Oh, okay, Dad,” Livie said softly.

James nodded lightly and said, “Good. Let’s go back to the Boundles Battlefield.”

James came to the Human Universe to obtain the Boundless Pagoda. Initially, he had planned to meet up with some of his family and friends after achieving his goal.

However, he had unexpectedly discovered many new secrets. Thus, he had a lot on his mind and was in no mood to catch up anymore.

Although the Endlos was in peace, it would not last very long. Danger was lurking and might strike anytime soon.


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