The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4869

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4869-James knew it was necessary to use whatever time he had left to cultivate. He planned to return to the Boundless Battlefield and participate in the competition for the Boundless Ranking to make a name for himself. Then, he had to obtain the last four sacred scrolls.

The two left the Chaos District, returning to the Boundless Battlefield.

During the past few years, the Boundless Battlefield was very lively.

“Hafgan, who ranked first in the previous Boundless Ranking, was trounced by a powerhouse from an ancient Orthodox.

“The top ten on the Boundless Ranking had been defeated by powerhouses from ancient Orthodoxes that had reemerged.”

“Who would’ve thought these ancient Orthodoxes had such powerful cultivators? Even at the same cultivation rank, their strength is much superior.”

Everyone in the Boundless Battlefield discussed the powerhouses of ancient Orthodoxes.


A potent force struck a dilapidated city and instantly demolished it.

A man fell from the sky and crashed into the ground. He climbed out from the rubble with difficulty.

The man was none other than Wynton.

Wynton was at the Caelum Boundless Rank and was as strong as those who ranked in the top three on the previous Boundless Ranking. However, he was being overpowered by an opponent and could not fight back. He was covered in blood and looked to be in a terrible state.

A handsome-looking man wearing a white robe hovered in the sky as his long black hair danced in the wind. Suddenly, he smirked and said, ‘You’re too weak.”

After speaking, he reached out and pointed his finger at Wynton.


A substantial force emerged and shot toward Wynton.

Wynton quickly dodged the attack.


The force struck the ground, and a bottomless pit formed. Immediately afterward, cracks spread out to the surrounding area.

Meanwhile, Waleria, Zula, and Wynona watched from a distance.

Waleria exclaimed, “He’s too strong. Even if I fought against him, I wouldn’t necessarily win.”

Waleria had always been sure of herself. However, she did not feel confident in defeating Wyot’s opponent, who was only at the Caelum Boundless Rank.

Wynton appeared in the distance after evading the fatal attack.

A white halo emerged from his body and healed his injuries.

Wynton had a grim expression. He had been cultivating in seclusion and had never offended anyone. However, a man suddenly showed up and challenged him. Although he urged all his strength, he could not block his opponent’s attacks.

The man hovered in the distance and said mockingly, “Do you have anything else? If not, then I’ll just kill you.”

Wynona immediately attempted to intervene. However, Waleria held her back and said, “There’s no rush. Let’s watch for a while.”

Wynona said, “Wynton will die if we just continue watching. No matter what, he has been our comrade for quite some time. How can we just watch him die?”

Waleria discouraged her, saying, “Even if you intervene, you’re no match for him. Wynton is a very mysterious person and has other skills up his sleeve. When he had a friendly match with James, he refrained from using his ultimate skill. I’m curious to see what his hidden trump card is.”


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