The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4870

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4870-Waleria had coincidentally seen Wynton cultivating once and noticed he had cast some kind of Supernatural Power that significantly enhanced his aura. Therefore, Waleria knew Wynton had other means.

“You win. I don’t want to fight,” Wynton surrendered and said, “I’m not a powerhouse, nor am I on the Boundless Ranking. Killing me isn’t going to give you much satisfaction. You should fight those on the Boundless Ranking or other powerhouses from other Orthodoxes. What’s the point of fighting someone like me?”

“You’re very sensible, so I’ll give you a chance. If you kneel on the ground and beg for mercy, I’ll spare your life.” The man wore a taunting smile.

Wynton’s face immediately darkened. He would never kneel before someone else. He was a prodigy in the Chaos District and was invincible against those at the same cultivation rank as him. Even though he had lost to James, it was because he wanted to avoid using lethal attacks against James.

The man smiled playfully and asked, “What’s wrong? You don’t want to? Then that leaves me no choice but to kill you.”

Wynton took a deep breath. He looked at his opponent and asked, “What’s your name? At least give me your name so I can die in peace.”

“I’m Gregor Lozano from the Crescent Sect. I’ve participated in the competition for the Boundless Ranking before and more than once. However, that was a long time ago. Back then, the Endlos Lord was still Zaden Dalibor. I’ve placed first in the Boundless Ranking three times in a row.”

Gregor’s voice resounded throughout the area.

Wynton was slightly surprised by his words.

Waleria’s brows furrowed. She wondered why his name never appeared in the ancient books he had read before.

‘This is getting interesting.” Wynton smiled.

Suddenly, Wynton’s aura skyrocketed, and he entered a mysterious state. Then, his body emanated a dazzling white light.

“I knew it.” Excitement dawned on Waleria’s face.

Shocked, Wynona said, “He has been hiding such a potent Supernatural Power all this time?”

Wynton hovered in the sky and radiated a white glow. He stretched his body, and some magical inscriptions fell off his body’s surface.

“Huh?” Waleria realized and said, “Are those seal inscriptions?”

Zula answered her, “Yeah, they are seal inscriptions. He had sealed off his strength. Perhaps he had also placed a potent spatial pressure on himself and had finally removed the seal.”

Waleria and Zula were powerhouses at the Quasi Chaos Rank and easily identified the seal of Wynton’s body.

Wynton had never lost to someone at the same cultivation rank as him and had been invincible during his era. He had even traveled to the past to challenge powerhouses of ancient times and defeated them.

He placed a seal on himself and sealed away his powers to achieve greater strength. At the same time, there was a spatial pressure on his body.

With the seal, he aimed to improve his physical strength and Cultivation Heart.

Waleria noticed something unusual and said, “Wait, his aura is different. Last time, I accidentally came across him cultivating. He had cast a terrifying Supernatural Power back then. He just released the seal on his body but has not activated his ultimate trump card yet.”

At that moment, two figures appeared in the area.


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