The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4875

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4875-It was not a normal battle but a battle royale, so one needed to experience many fights. One needed to conserve one’s energy to last longer in the battle.

James sat beside Wynton with his legs crossed.

The distance between them was less than ten meters.

“Do you think there are any living beings among the hidden forces who can be our match?” James asked.

‘There should be.”

Wynton said, ‘The living being of the Crescent Sect who showed up previously is a powerhouse. His ability surpasses Hafgan’s, the champion of the previous Boundless Ranking.

I won’t be able to suppress him even after opening the seal in my body. I can only defeat him by employing some tactics. I believe there will be living beings stronger than Gregor of the Crescent Sect.”

James was excited.

He wanted to fight now.

He scanned the entire arena.

The battle had begun, but the living beings on the platform were not fighting. They were being cautious of the living beings in their surroundings.

Since no living being made a move, James also did not act recklessly.

Days flew by.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed.

The arena battle had been ongoing for three months, but no living being made a move. The living beings sat on the platform with their legs crossed.

In the Endlos’ Ten Districts, the living beings watching the battle grew impatient.

“Why aren’t they fighting?”

“What do you know? This is the battle of true powerhouses. Whoever makes a move first will suffer losses.”

‘That’s right. These powerhouses are skilled. They want to conserve their strength and last till the end. They want to obtain supreme fortunes.”

“Look. That’s James of our Chaos District. He’s a peerless powerhouse from the Human Universe.”

In the ten districts, countless living beings discussed the Boundless Arena Battle.

The powerhouses in the Quasi Chaos Rank and Chaos Rank were also observing the battle. They wanted to see how strong the living beings from the hidden forces were.

On the platform, many living beings sat on the ground with their legs crossed.

At this moment, James got up.

Upon seeing that, Wynton immediately said, “Are you crazy? It’s unwise to make a move now. You may be sieged. Do you want to fight against all living beings on the platform alone?”

“Don’t worry.”

James smiled and said, “I’m going to resolve some grudges.”

James’ gaze landed on a figure in the distance.

It was a man in a black robe. The man sensed someone looking at him, so he turned to look in the direction of James.

The man was Zeloneth. He used to pursue James in the Theos District.

He used to be the deputy leader of the Daemonium Sect.

At that time, James was pursued by Zeloneth in the Theos District.

If it was not for his Blithe Omniscience, he would have died in Zeloneth’s hands.


James’ body moved like a light beam shooting up toward the sky. He appeared in the sky above the arena. Pointing at Zeloneth, he said, “Zeloneth, it’s time to settle our past grudges.”

Zeloneth’s expression became heavy.

Slowly, he stood up.

Then, he glanced at Yvan.

Sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, Yvan said,” Since he wants to fight against you, go and kill him.”


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