The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4876

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4876-In Yvan’s opinion, James was not Zeloneth’s match.

Rumor had it that James defeated Warner, who was placed third on the Boundless Ranking. Nevertheless, it was only a rumor. Yvan did not personally see James defeat Warner.

He did not believe that James, who used to be so weak, would become so strong in only ten thousand epochs.

When James stood forward, the gazes of all living beings landed on him.

The living beings tried to guess James’ background. They wondered why he was so brave to make the first move.

Many living beings knew about James, but most of them did not.

Zeloneth’s body slowly floated upward. He appeared in the sky above the arena. Standing in the void, he stared at


With a heavy expression, Zeloneth said, “It’s my mistake for not killing you previously. I didn’t expect your cultivation rank to increase so quickly. In only ten thousand epochs, you entered the Caelum Boundless Rank.”

Zeloneth did not expect James to enter the Caelum Boundless Rank.

If he had known that James would enter the Caelum Boundless Rank, he would have tried his best to kill James.


James responded, “I almost died in your hands last time. This time, I’m going to take revenge. I won’t let you leave the arena alive.”

James wanted to kill Zeloneth.

Even though Zeloneth had the inscriptions given by the guardian, James was confident that Zeloneth would die on the platform.

“You’re seeking death.”

Zeloneth exuded a powerful aura.

“Since you wish to die, I’ll grant your wish.”

At once, Zeloneth disappeared and appeared before James. When he appeared, a longsword emerged in his hand, and he stabbed it at James.

Zeloneth did not do anything fancy, but the attack contained a power that could destroy the world.

It could destroy even a universe.

When the longsword was about to touch James’ body, James disappeared.

At the next moment, he showed up behind Zeloneth and pushed out his palm.

His disappearance and attack happened in an instant.

James was quick. He was so quick that Zeloneth was hit by his palm before he could react.

The terrifying palm force filled Zeloneth’s body from his back. Instantly, cracks appeared on his body. The Blood Energy in his body also began to surge. He failed to suppress the Blood Energy and spat out blood.

Then, his body was sent flying away before it fell to the ground in the distance harshly.

There were several living beings there.

When Zeloneth fell to the ground, the living beings moved away.


Immediately, cracks appeared on the ground. Soon, a pit appeared.

Zeloneth was in the pit.

“You’re too weak.”

Standing in the void, James appeared indifferent.

Zeloneth, who James thought was so powerful and invincible, was so weak.

With a casual attack, James defeated Zeloneth.


A shadow rose from the ruin on the ground.

Zeloneth ascended and appeared in the sky. His hair was messy, and he was covered in blood. He appeared unkempt.

“You’re dead meat,” threatened Zeloneth.

After he spoke, blood filled his mouth again.

He was shocked.

He used to think that James was very weak and that he could kill the latter easily.

However, after the past ten thousand epochs, James had become so strong. Zeloneth could not even handle a single attack from James.

On the outside, Zeloneth appeared fierce, but he was actually thinking of backing out.

At this moment, he knew that the rumor was true. James had defeated Warner, the third place on the previous Boundless Ranking.

Secretly, he put a trace of power into the inscriptions. He wanted to leave the arena.

He knew that if the fight continued, he would die in the arena.


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