The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4877

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4877-James knew that Zeloneth wanted to escape.

Right then, a mysterious formation appeared. A shadow was standing on the formation.

The power exuded from the formation engulfed Zeloneth.

Then, a passage appeared in the sky above the arena. It was the exit passage.

However, Zeloneth was sealed by the formation. The inscriptions given by the guardian could not transport him out of the arena.

“No…” He shouted, frightened.

Then, the shadow made a move.

In an instant, the black shadow pierced Zeloneth’s body.

Zeloneth’s body began to crack. Then, he disappeared from the platform.

He was killed with one blow. His body and soul were annihilated.

The formation appeared and disappeared suddenly.

Before the many living beings could react, Zeloneth was already dead.

‘This brat.”

When Wynton saw the scene, he stood up. “I’m finally seeing him use this signature skill. He can even block the power of the inscriptions given by the guardian. This formation is too powerful.”

Wynton was stunned.

He knew that James could defeat Zeloneth easily, but he did not expect James to kill Zeloneth.

On the platform, the other living beings were also shocked.

“He’s dead?”

“How could that be? He used the inscriptions given by the guardian. The exit passage opened. How could he die?”

“Who is that guy? How can he block the inscriptions of the guardian?”

Many powerhouses were taken aback.

Several powerhouses from hidden sects also had grave expressions.

James showed a terrifying tactic and strong power. James’ appearance was a threat to the powerhouses.

In the ten districts outside the Boundless Arena, countless powerhouses saw what happened.

“He died so easily?”

“He killed a powerhouse in the Caelum Boundless Rank.

Even the inscriptions given by the guardian weren’t useful.”

Several powerhouses in the Quasi Chaos Rank and Chaos Rank were taken aback.

On the platform, after James killed Zeloneth, he turned to look at Yvan.

Yvan’s expression was heavy.

James could kill Zeloneth in an instant. Judging by his current ability, he could also kill Yvan.

Yvan could not help but get up. With a dull face, he smiled and said, “James, we don’t have any grudges. When you were weak, I spared your life.”

“Is that so?”

Standing in the air, James said, “When Zeloneth was going after me, he said that you ordered him to kill me.”

“No way.”

Immediately, Yvan denied it and said, “I could have killed you with a single strike if I wanted you dead. Why would I let you loose and send Zeloneth after you? Why waste my time?”

James said, “You only let me go as reassurance to Waleria. You wanted to obtain the inscription to open the Yhala Realm.”

“James, everything is negotiable.”

Facing James, the previous leader of the Daemonium Sect no longer appeared arrogant. With a bright smile, he said, ” There’s no such thing. Don’t listen to Zeloneth’s nonsense.”

Yvan wanted to get away from James.

He wanted to escape from the Boundless Arena.

Nonetheless, James’ previous tactic stunned him.

Yvan planned to paralyze James and cause the latter to blunder.

Then, he would use the inscriptions given by the guardian to leave the arena. Leaving was his only chance at surviving. Otherwise, he would end up like Zeloneth.


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