The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4888

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4888-James witnessed the formidable power of the Defying Heavens Art and wanted to get it.

He still suffered severe injuries when Byron took the thirty- three steps, even though he was with the protection of six powers fusion.

At this moment, he was in one of his strongest states, with only his ultimate formation left unused.

Byron chuckled lightly in response, “A defeated underling like you has no right to speak like that. Killing you now is quite simple.”

The Defying Heavens Art was not just a matter of taking the thirty-three steps. After taking these steps, a powerful domain would manifest around the cultivator. Inside this domain, the enemy would endure immense pressure. Moreover, after taking these steps, the cultivator would reach an extreme level of strength. Combined with the Sword Body and the Sacred Heart Art, Byron in this state was truly fearsome.

“Is that so?” James smiled faintly as his wounds healed rapidly, and soon his external injuries were completely healed. As for his internal and path injuries, he could suppress them until the end of the battle.

“Yes,” Byron replied with an air of invincibility.

“In that case, let me show you my move and see how I can

break through your Sword Body,” James said.

In that instant, a mysterious formation silently appeared above his head. The formation continued to change, emitting a mysterious power and a strange aura. With the formation’s appearance, a shadow materialized within it. This figure sat in a lotus position, looking holy and dignified.

As the formation emerged, the world seemed to spin, and its formidable power caused the living beings within the formation in the battle arena to shudder.

This ultimate move had previously trapped and killed a Caelum Acme Rank living being, and it could not even be saved by the life-saving inscriptions left behind by the guardian.

James had not initially planned to use the formation. However, Byron was too formidable, and his only chance to defeat Byron and obtain the Defying Heavens Art was to use the formation.

Within the formation, countless powerhouses gathered, including those who had once come close to entering the Chaos Rank, like Xuri and Yhala.

However, they were all shocked by the power displayed by James and Byron. Even without injuries or falling out of their cultivation rank, they would not stand a chance and could be killed easily.

Byron stared at James, sensing the formation’s mysterious aura that seemed out of place in this world. The entire formation carried an ancient and mystical presence, especially the shadow within, which exuded an incredibly formidable pressure.

“What kind of signature skill is this?” Byron asked.

“Didn’t you say I hadn’t created any signature skill? Well, I’ll tell you now. This is one I created myself,” James replied.

Byron inquired, “What’s it called?”

“I haven’t had it for long, and this is the first time I’m using it, so it doesn’t have a name yet. Since it’s my creation, it can be called whatever I want,” James said.

His voice echoed, and the mysterious formation materialized above Byron silently. The formation continued to rotate, emanating an enigmatic power. This power formed a spatial cage that enveloped and sealed Byron instantly.

Despite activating the Sword Body, the Sacred Heart Art, and the Defying Heavens Art, Byron was still unable to move.

He exerted all his strength and unleashed terrifying power within his body, continuously attempting to break the formation’s seal, but he could not succeed.

Seeing this, James smiled faintly. This formation could even seal Livie.


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