The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4889

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4889-Livie’s strength was greater than Yardos’.

James’ Zen entered the shadow, and the shadow moved instantly, appearing in front of the formation and launching a sudden attack.

Under the numerous gazes, Byron was struck, and cracks appeared on his Sword Body, spreading across his entire body. He attempted to retaliate, but he was trapped by the formation.

“Do I have the qualifications to negotiate with you now?” James’ voice echoed.

“No,” Byron replied, his anger evident. After shouting the word, countless Sword Energies surged within his body.

These numerous Sword Energies merged instantaneously, forming a tangible longsword that unleashed a powerful assault on the formation.


A violent explosion resounded as Byron’s body and blood transformed into a sword, completely shattering the formation’s seal. In his anger, Byron attacked the formation, but at that moment, the shadow intervened and blocked his attack.


The shadow wielded an illusory longsword and clashed with

Byron’s approach. In an instant, Byron was expelled from the formation. While James’ Zen was also shaken out of the shadow, returning to his physical body, which was forcefully pushed back.

“Such incredible power,” James marveled.

Byron had managed to break the formation’s seal, a feat even Livie could not achieve. James could see that Byron had paid a tremendous price to accomplish this.

Byron’s face darkened. His lips and fingertips carried traces of blood, eventually dripping onto the ground. The power contained in a single drop of his blood could obliterate a powerful universe.

“Will you continue?” James asked. ‘This is just the beginning of Wynne’s legacy. The best is yet to come. If we fight to the death now, it will be difficult to seize the boon that follows.”

James realized that Byron had almost exerted his full strength, with no hidden tricks left. However, defeating Byron completely still needs some time. He did not want to reveal all his cards at this moment. Moreover, the only remaining trick he had was the Boundless Pagoda.

Byron’s expression was grim. His primary goal for this journey was to retrieve his ancestor’s legacy. He admitted that James was formidable, and defeating him would require a heavy price.

After a moment’s thought, Byron conceded, “James, I acknowledge your strength, and you’ve earned my respect. I agree.”

Hearing this, James breathed a sigh of relief and said,” Great, Wynne’s Sword Path legacy is yours. Now, please give me the secret art for the Defying Heavens Art.”

Byron casually waved his hand, and an inscription appeared, flying towards James. James memorized the secret art for the Defying Heavens Art. Meanwhile, Byron headed towards the white jade containing the records of Wynne’s legacy.

“Hehe,” a voice echoed, “Byron Dalganus, I’m also interested in Wynne’s legacy. I’d like to see what’s recorded inside.”


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