The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4896

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4896-The lady emanated an aura of elegance and authority.

“What are you doing here?” Wynton’s voice rang with hostility. He had deemed Teresa as an enemy since she had put his people under a seal.

Teresa made her way into the hall and sat in an empty seat.” I have heard that James’ wife, his children, and several humans from the Human Universe have been caught and detained at Mount Stoyan. As a member of the Chaos District, I couldn’t possibly turn a blind eye to this.”

Wynton scoffed. “I don’t think you are sincerely here to help. There’s a good chance that it was you who had leaked information to those district leaders about James. You

might have lured those men to target James for the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and the sacred scrolls.”

‘That’s simply nonsense. Why would I do that?!” Teresa rebuked, “Also, I saved James’ life in the past. If I were to harbor any ill will against him, I could have just done nothing and watched him die back then.”

‘That’s enough.” Yardos raised his hand. “What matters most now is that we need to figure out how to rescue James’ family and friends.”

‘We should just kill them.”

Livie’s expression hardened into one of animosity. ‘Who cares if they are Chaos Rank cultivators? Dad is away for his

meditation, and he is completely oblivious to this news. We need to rescue Mom and my siblings from those people.”

‘What’s going on?” An elderly man with a beard walked into the hall at that moment. It was Wael, the former head of Tempris House.

“I heard that James’ wife had been taken captive. What on earth happened?”

“Sir Wael.” Wynona greeted the man respectfully.

On the other hand, Zula had a perplexed look in her eyes the instant she saw Wael entering the hall.

Yardos explained, “Those men abducted James’ wife and family to threaten him into surrendering the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra. They also want to learn the cultivation methods of the sutra and the sacred scrolls.”

‘Where is James then?” Wael knitted his brows. “Why is he not here discussing the rescue plan with the rest of you?”

Yardos replied, “He is conducting a closed-door meditation at a hidden place with the formation to seal off his aura set in place. Even I can’t detect where he’s at right now.”

‘What do we do now?” Wael asked.

For a while, it was quiet inside the hall as everyone fell silent.

‘We’ll handle those men ourselves, then.” Xrival rose from his seat. An immense, murderous aura radiated from the man the next instant.

“You’ve advanced into the Chaos Rank, Mr. Xrival?” Yardos’ eyes widened as he detected the change in Xrival’s aura.

Xrival nodded lightly. “One of my clones has remained with James as he traveled across the different districts. It has managed to accumulate various knowledge and new enlightenment. After it had been reunited and fused with my main self, those learnings were very helpful to my cultivation process. I was able to move through the Quasi Chaos Rank and enter the Chaos Rank pretty smoothly.”

“Excellent!” Yardos grinned broadly. “So what if the district leaders are working together to try and bring James down?! We will attack Mount Stoyan and take down every single one of them!”

“Count me in,” Wynton answered in a deep, steely voice.

“I’m coming too!” Saachi got up. “James has helped me with a lot of things. I can’t just stay here and do nothing when his wife is in danger.”

“Me too!” Wyndael responded, “Even though I haven’t been able to move into the Quasi Chaos Rank yet, I am nonetheless in the Boundless state of the Caelum Acme Rank now.”

“James helped me solve problems related to karma previously. I was only able to achieve the Chaos Rank with his assistance. I will help too!” Zula said.


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