The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4897

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4897-The other cultivators had also expressed their eagerness to join the operation to rescue James’ family and friends, except for Waleria. The lady sat in her chair with a torn expression on her face.

Usually, Waleria was among the first few to agree to these things. Unfortunately, one of the sects involved in the incident this time was the Theos Sect, which was the organization that Waleria belonged to. Waleria even considered Sedris a father figure all along.

‘What should I do now?’ Waleria pondered with a troubled look in her eyes.

Yardos knew that Waleria had her concerns. He suggested,” You should stay here and wait for James, Waleria. Inform him about this as soon as he returns.”

“Alright.” Waleria smiled bitterly.

“Everyone, let’s get ready to depart for Mount Stoyan.” Yardos glanced around the room at the other cultivators with a steady gaze.

For their operation to rescue James’ family and friends, the Chaos Rank cultivators that had volunteered were Yardos, Xrival, Wael, and Zula. They even had Livie, who was strong enough to take on Chaos Rank cultivators.

Apart from that, they had cultivators that could battle Quasi Chaos Rank cultivators which included Saachi, Wynona, and Wynton. Their team of cultivators was powerful enough to overpower any hidden sects or even an entire district.

Still, each of them had grim or slightly perplexed expressions on their faces as their meeting had come to an end. The decision to go up against four Chaos Rank cultivators was no easy task. Those four cultivators represented four super factions. Yardos and the others were facing extremely powerful enemies this time.

At the same time, a group of cultivators had gathered inside the main hall on Mount Stoyan.

A small frown drew Xezal’s brows together. “We might have a problem. A group of cultivators have banded together and are planning to attack Mount Stoyan.”

Lucius seemed completely disinterested. He said flatly, ” What’s there to worry about? We’ll just kill anyone who shows up here trying to rescue James Caden’s acquaintances.”

Xezal explained, “Even if we were fully prepared with various plans and tactics, we must stay vigilant. Yardos Xagorari, the Ancestral Blood Master, Wael Qailoken, and Zula Qailoken are all Chaos Rank cultivators. Furthermore, they also have that lady who claims to be James’ daughter, Livie Caden. All of them are skilled and competent cultivators.”

“I think we can handle them,” Sedris replied.

Xylus had a pensive look in his eyes. “Is the Tenfold Purge Formation really that effective? Would it be able to trap and

kill cultivators of the Chaos Rank?”

“The formation is very powerful.” Xezal nodded. “Emperor Raiah created the Tenfold Purge Formation by using the ten districts’ Heavenly Paths as its basis. Even though none of us has mastered the powers of the Ten Path Technique, we can still create and power the formation by substituting with another source of energy.”

“Chaos Rank cultivators trapped within our formation would not stand a chance to make it out alive. However, I’m concerned that we may not be able to handle all of the cultivators if so many of them are coming.”

Xezal had provided those men with the method to create the Tenfold Purge Formation. She was confident that the formation was strong enough to hold James, Yardos, and even Xrival down simultaneously. However, the number of cultivators on the other side had turned out higher than what she had expected.

“It’s enough if we can use the formation to subdue several of their fighters.” Xylus gave a sigh of relief. Then, he turned his eyes to Lucius. “Sir Lucius has entered the Chaos Rank for an extended amount of time. It wouldn’t be a problem for you to take on two Chaos Rank cultivators at the same time alone, right?”

Lucius was the first person to achieve the Chaos Rank in all of Endlos’ Nine Districts. No one knew what his actual cultivation rank was at the moment. 2


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