The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4898

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4898-Everyone was curious about Lucius’ current cultivation rank and powers, especially Xezal. Her father was murdered by Lucius. To exact vengeance, Xezal had to first find out and confirm Lucius’ true cultivation rank.

Xezal said in a nonchalant manner, “The Chaos Rank has also been split into several rankings. After achieving the Chaos Rank, the cultivator would have to work hard to move into the Chaos 111 imita Rank. Next would be the Chaos Transcendere Rank…”

She proceeded to explain the five different ranks of the Chaos Rank from the lowest to highest, which were the Chaos lllimita Rank, Chaos Transcendere Rank, Chaos Omnia Rank, Chaos Essencia Rank, and Chaos Completare Rank.

Emperor Raiah, who had helped bring peace to the Endlos and created the ten districts, was a cultivator of the Chaos Completare Rank. On the other hand, Wynne Dalganus was able to enter the Chaos Essencia Rank during his time.

Xezal’s father had achieved the late stage of Chaos lllimita Rank before he was attacked and brutally killed. Therefore, Xezal surmised that her father’s murderer would be someone who had entered a similar stage of Chaos lllimita Rank or the ranks above it.

A long time had passed since her father’s death, and Xezal was not sure whether Lucius had advanced into the Chaos

Transcendere Rank.

She continued jokingly, “Why don’t you just let the few of us know which stage of the Chaos Rank are you on right now, Sir Lucius? It’d offer us more reassurance for our upcoming battle.”

Lucius grinned. “Don’t worry. With my powers and the powers of the Tenfold Purge Formation, those men won’t ever be able to leave Mount Stoyan alive.”

The seasoned and powerful cultivator knew there was no good in disclosing his true cultivation rank to others.

After hearing his response, Xezal did not press Lucius for an answer, and she moved on to another topic smoothly.

Meanwhile, an impenetrable formation was put up around a deep canyon located within a pristine, virgin forest. Inside the formation, a young man was completely focused on his training and cultivation.

James had remained in the formation for an epoch in terms of the time of the outside world. However, more time had passed within the time formation set up by James.

So far, James managed to master and generate the power of the Seven Path Techniques. In addition, he had been training with the knowledge of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra consistently all this time. James was able to elevate his cultivation base within the Boundless state of the Caelum Acme Rank substantially.

At the same time, James had successfully unlocked the seventh form of the Boundless Pagoda. After entering the seventh level of the pagoda, James realized he would have to master the cultivation method provided on that floor first. Combined with the power of the Eight Path Techniques, he would then be able to access the eighth form of the Boundless Pagoda.

James did not end his meditation then. He decided it was time to move into the next cultivation rank.

James remained in a seated position inside the Boundless Pagoda. He had generated a complex formation above his head. On top of the formation, a dark, human-like figure sat with its legs crossed just like James.

As James radiated waves of intense aura, countless inscriptions appeared and circulated around his body. Gradually, those inscriptions floated toward the formation above James’ head and fused with it. In a matter of minutes, the pressure in the air around James increased drastically as the formation appeared to be changing nonstop.

Suddenly, a loud crackling noise sounded from James’ body. It was an indication that James had successfully advanced into the next cultivation rank.

An immense aura was generated and unleashed from his body almost instantaneously. Fortunately, James was staying inside the Boundless Pagoda, which was powerful enough to contain his aura. His formation alone would not be enough to prevent those huge amounts of aura from leaking into the outside world.


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