The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4899

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4899-A brief while later, James slowly opened his eyes. The inscriptions of the Dobro Eyes found deep in his orbs were glowing faintly.

James was using the opportunity to train and perfect the various skills and abilities he had picked up to this day.

After entering the Quasi Chaos Rank, James found new enlightenment in the powers of the Dobro Eyes. The inscriptions in his eyes were swiftly changing and evolving. Countless images were generated and reflected in his eyes every second.

James could sense how he had surpassed Saachi in terms of the mastery and potency of the Dobro Eyes’ powers. He was deeply fascinated by the overwhelming powers of his eyes.

Soon afterward, the inscriptions in his eyes began to fade. The images that James was seeing before his eyes slowly disappeared along with the inscription.

Then, James produced the scroll he had obtained from Byron and started reading it. The cultivation method of the Defying Heavens Art was recorded in the scroll.

James had learned the Sacrilegious Ascension in the past. That technique was a simplified version of the Defying Heavens Art.

When learning the Sacrilegious Ascension, the cultivator

had to first learn how to create small energy reservoirs in different acupoints throughout their body. Next, the cultivator would need to combine the powers of the energy reservoirs and their own powers to destroy their spine. Then, they would have to recreate their spine by utilizing the energies of heaven and earth. With the formation of each vertebra, the cultivator would be able to take one step and increase their aura simultaneously.

On the contrary, the knowledge of the Defying Heavens Art was far more difficult and obscure. It would take the common cultivator a very long time and arduous effort to understand the contents of the scroll. Luckily, James had extensive knowledge and experience in studying various skills and techniques. He was able to understand the scroll’s contents without difficulty.

James soon realized that the Defying Heavens Art was slightly different from the Sacrilegious Ascension.

Cultivators must first create microcosms that act as energy reservoirs within their bodies. Then, they would need to consistently absorb and store the energies of heaven and earth inside the microcosms. Once the cultivator unleashed the Defying Heavens Art, those tremendous amounts of energy stored within the microcosms would be released to their surroundings.

Also, the wielder of the Defying Heavens Art would not need to destroy their own spine. Instead, they would be using their own body to connect heaven and earth. Cultivators were required to absorb the Greater Paths from the environment and use them to build the Skyward Stairway. “It seems Byron has gone easy on me during our fight back then.”

After reading and understanding more about the Defying Heavens Art, James realized that Byron had only created the Skyward Stairway which consisted of thirty-three steps during their last battle. The man did not unleash the powers stored inside the microcosms in his body.

Both the Sacrilegious Ascension and the Defying Heavens Art shared the same side effect of weakening the cultivator’s physical condition after each use. Normally, cultivators who practiced the Defying Heavens Art would not be able to unleash the skill twice in a single battle. That was because a long time was needed for the depleted microcosms to become fully stored with power again.

Cultivators could choose not to unleash the powers from the microcosms and still use the Defying Heavens Art. However, the potency of the attacks would be lessened.

After James had put away the scroll securely, he began focusing on the creation of multiple microcosms in different acupoints within his body. Once the microcosms were ready, James took a black crystal out of his storage. Then, he used his powers to extract the power of the black crystal and convert it into a form of pure, powerful energy.

Bit by bit, James absorbed and filled the microcosms in his body with that energy.

At the same time, James was also working hard on perfecting the complex formation. The formation was a representation of the inscriptions in their most supreme forms. As James deepened his knowledge of the inscriptions, the formation would evolve into more powerful forms.


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