The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4900

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4900-Whilst James tried to master the Defying Heavens Art, he was also working on training his body, bloodline power, and soul. He was hoping to achieve the tenth rank of the Omniscience Path during his closed-door meditation this time.


A group of cultivators had teleported and arrived at the foot of Mount Stoyan. Several familiar faces stood in the front, which included Yardos, Xrival, and Wael. James’ friends, for instance, Wynton and Saachi, were mostly there as well. All of them had grim, steely expressions on their faces.

‘They are here.”

The leader of the Hazeaf District, Lucius, rose from his seat. As he stared into the distance, the man could sense the aura of several skilled cultivators nearby. He turned his gaze toward his comrades inside the hall.

“We need to use the formation to subdue James Caden. We shouldn’t activate the formation unless James makes an appearance here.”

Just then, the deafening voice of a man resounded through the air.

“Release my daughter!”

Xrival, the Ancestral Blood Master, stomped his foot heavily on the ground just outside Mount Stoyan. His body shone with a blinding red light the next instant. An immense, threatening aura radiated from Xrival simultaneously.

Upon hearing Xrival’s voice, the cultivators inside the hall glanced at each other briefly.

Sedris began, saying, “Leave Wael Qailoken to me.”

Xylus, the leader of the Kapron District, pondered for a bit and announced, “I will take care of Zula Qailoken.”

Toma responded, “I can handle one Chaos Rank cultivator at a time. I’ll take on the man shining with the red light, then.”

Xezal walked toward Lucius and said, “Sir Lucius, you will have to fight two Chaos Rank cultivators. They are Yardos Xagorari and Livie Caden. We can leave the others to your men from the four sects.”

Lucius gave a slight nod. “Alright.”

The leader of the Hazeaf District was confident that he would be able to defeat Yardos and Livie even if he had to fight both of them simultaneously.


A blood pillar came down from the sky and landed on the protection formation cast over Mount Stoyan. The formation created with the powers of the four district leaders shook visibly as soon as the pillar hit the barrier. Several fine cracks started forming on the barrier under the blood pillar.

Just then, a man materialized outside the formation. It was Toma, the leader of the Welkin District.

“Outsiders are not allowed to enter the grounds of Mount Stoyan. Leave now and I’ll pretend this has never happened. Otherwise, all of you will face the consequences of…”

“How dare you?!”

Xrival’s eyes blazed with rage. He teleported and reappeared right before the man. Xrival lifted his palm and swung his arm forcefully at Toma.

Toma did not even flinch at Xrival’s sudden attack. He raised his hand and threw a punch at his opponent too.


A loud sound could be heard as the hands of those men came into contact. Xrival was sent flying in the air due to the tremendous force of Toma’s attack.

Toma swiftly teleported and reemerged next to Xrival. The man started throwing powerful punches at Xrival’s chest and abdomen nonstop. In a flash, Xrival had sustained severe injuries.

Toma had entered and trained on the Chaos Rank for a very long time. His powers were far superior to that of Xrival’s, who had just advanced into the Chaos Rank recently.

Upon seeing that Xrival was being attacked, Yardos and his comrades moved instantly to try and help Xrival. However, Lucius and the others materialized before them and blocked their path at that moment. Shortly afterward, the members

of the four sects also showed up outside Mount Stoyan, following each of their leaders.

In a matter of minutes, hundreds of cultivators had gathered outside Mount Stoyan. At the same time, countless other cultivators, who had entered the Chaos Arena, were watching the progress of the battle happening there with great interest.


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