The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4902

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4902-The battles had just begun, but the powerhouses at the Chaos Rank were already exerting their full force. The fights were intense, and the outcome was unpredictable.

Wynton, Saachi, Wynona, Wyndael, Saewald, and the others stood in the distance. They could not provide any help since countless powerhouses at the Chaos Rank were involved in the battles. If they were to insist on participating, the stronger powerhouses could easily injure or even kill them.

At that moment, hundreds of powerhouses appeared and suddenly surrounded them.

Wynton said solemnly, “Get ready to fight. Don’t hold back, or else we won’t make it out alive.”

Immediately afterward, he unleashed a powerful aura.

Wynona, Saewald, Wyndael, and the others quickly mobilized their full strength.


The hundreds of powerhouses charged at the group, forcing them into battle.

In the battlefield in the distance, Lucius was still taking on two opponents. He was furious after consecutively sustaining a few injuries. His aura instantly surged higher.

Then, he appeared in front of Livie and kicked her. Livie was sent flying, and she was injured.

Lucius was incredibly powerful and dealt significant damage to Livie with just one attack.

After Livie temporarily lost combat effectiveness, Yardos launched an attack. He used the Blithe Omniscience and quietly appeared behind Lucius.

However, Lucius reacted in time, unleashing a bright purple force from his palm.

His Crepe Myrtle Energy of Hazeaf caused the surroundings to tremble.


Their palm clashed, and a massive explosion took place.

Both Yardos and Lucius were blasted away by the force.

Lucius felt his arm numb, and he shook his hand several times. At that moment, his face darkened. He was at the Chaos Transcendere Rank, but he was injured by Yardos, who was only at the Chaos Illimita Rank.

Yardos’ strength had exceeded his expectations. The two only had a small difference in rank. However, Yardos’ strength was not inferior to his. He was shocked but more curious about how Yardos had been cultivating and how he became so powerful.

“Free and unrestricted,” Yardos said calmly.

Yardos suddenly disappeared. Before Lucius could react, Yardos had reemerged.

Lucius was prepared to defend himself, but Yardos vanished again.

He wanted to trace Yardos’ aura. However, Yardos was constantly on the move, and he could not pinpoint his precise location.

Yardos reappeared beside Lucius, and his terrifying fist struck Lucius.

Lucius had an exceptional body, but he was unable to resist and was sent flying into the distance. Before he could gain his balance, Yardos appeared and struck again. Lucius was hit consecutively.

Yardos activated the Omniscience Path’s Eleventh Rank and his Blithe Omniscience, giving Lucius no chance to fight back.

Lucius was strong enough to stand against Yardos but had no opportunity to urge his strength. He was getting frustrated by the situation.

Meanwhile, Livie noticed the Ancestral Blood Master was at a disadvantage and quickly went to support him.


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